Home Sweet Home

My Macbook is still at the Apple store- In the past two years I’ve had the display replaced once, and the hard drive twice (losing everything in the process), now they’re fixing the right shift key, the ethernet port and the case!  Eeek! Thank goodness for AppleCare!


As soon as I got up, I got some major work done, including a quiz and a test.  I didn’t stop to eat breakfast which was a mistake but my “brunch” made up for it.


Two tortillas stuffed with lettuce, tomato, cucumbers, feta and a little raspberry walnut (I think) vinaigrette.  Fab!


Since I was still hungry, I had a yogurt in my favorite flavor too!

Much, much, much later I made dinner-

IMG_1545Sorry About the Pic

A frittata stuffed with feta, asparagus and a little carmelized onion.  Delicious.  There may or may not have been some french fries eaten later in the evening but they were camera shy 🙂

Friday was fab, in that I got to use these.


Ahhhh! New shoes!


I really used these fab Nike running shoes and went for a quick 2 mile run.

Later in the day, I mowed the lawn on the riding lawnmower (ob-v) and did some weeding.  I felt so farmer-ish… living outside of the city is so weird!

Ooo, and I played badmiton with my dad, and fell and twisted my ankle.  Totally worth it because I actually hit the birdie for once.  Thankfully, I’m practically pain free now!


I had a rush rush breakfast of ww pancakes then said goodbye to my computer, visited some people in the city, shop shop shopped with my dad and pretty much had a blast.


Since we were out, I only managed a snack in the car instead of lunch.


For dinner, I had rice and beans and eggplant parmesan.  They don’t neccessarily go together but it’s not like I can choose between the two.


Sunday and Monday

I didn’t take any pictures 😳 The days were fabulous though… lots of Dad-isms and friend times.

Operation Beautiful:

I left two notes this weekend!


Check out Caitlin‘s fab site for the other one 🙂


We’ve heard it before, or at least I have a million times. Your outside is a reflection of what is going on inside. If your apartments a mess chances on your brain is as well. Granted, some of us are messier than others and it’s worth taking that into account.

So consider your own standards? For me, that’s no dishes in the sink, a laundry basket that’s less than half full, a recently vacuumed rug and a clear table/desk. Now, an unmade bed- that just means the sheets haven’t been changed that day. (That’s right mom once a week my bed is fixed, twice if I happen to have a guest or I know that my apartment people will be in later 😳

Get to the point already Rebeca!

Okay! Okay! I heard ya

This was my apartment earlier today:

Oh No She Di'int

Oh No She Di'int


Moving is not easy, at all… but it’s so fun to see our place (and my life) come together.  Now instead of zero jobs, I have two offers and two promising interviews.  My dream would be to take a job at DCPS (DC Public Schools) especially since it’ll get me in there for when I finish up school, and my roommate teaches at the school I would be working at, but sadly the pay is a joke and half, and well it just won’t work for me, even if I did after school care and/or got a PT job on the weekends.  Plus, I can’t exactly finish school with that kind of schedule.  The other job is working for a charity which is also cool and even though the pay is right around “are you joking?” territory I’m taking that until I can find the right nanny job.  Soooooooo tomorrow I interview for a nanny job (the one I really want) and Sunday for another (still good just a longer Metro ride and less $$).  I also start the job for the charity on Wednesday morning.  It actually works well because the nanny job that I interview for tomorrow morning, wouldn’t begin till October with a definite start date so I could easily give the charity ample notice, and the interview on Sunday is for an immediate opening but the first few weeks are training weeks so I don’t really have to worry about leaving early either should I get that job over the other.

*Good times*

I really do need to get back into the “swing of things” and blogging because I’ve noticed some horrific bad habits reemerging- like not eating till 6 or 7 and then only eating a little because I’ve shut off my hunger only to be starving at midnight (and eating then) and just making more terrifyingly unhealthy bad choices in food.  At least carrying up bags and boxes up four flights of stairs is a good workout!

On a positive note, Yes! Organic Markets is right in my neighborhood, and my roomie and I walked over there this weekend and browsed and bought apples and tofu.  It’s pretty exciting for me because things like tofu and tempeh are near by at much better prices and with a better selection that our local Safeway.  They also have your standard Whole Foods/TJs staples which are nice to have close by.  I’m half disappointed, half grateful that I went there after doing a real grocery trip 😉

Oooo, and Giant in my area carries Chobani yogurts and they were on sale 10 for 10 which is what regular yogurts usually go on sale for!  So, I had one for breakfast along with a Kashi Honey Almond Flax bar crumbled in:

Delicious… it’s been awhile since I had a Fage yogurt so I can’t really compare the two but at 18g of protein and 100 kcal for a container of yogurt, I’ll definitely be purchasing these again 🙂  Plus, I got the Kashi bar from the commissary for under 10 dollars for 25 and I saw the same box at Costco for just a dollar more, score!

Mickey (Mouse) moved in… and has been happily eating the corners of a loaf a bread and leaving little presents underneath our sink.  The joy!  Shelby is (well was) a “mouser” at home which is part of why she’s here to get rid of any possible issues… but I guess Mickey comes out to play whenever Roomie and Shelby go to bed and close the door.

Which means that this girl has spent a good part of her life screaming lately because any little movement or dog toy that grazes her foot illicits an extreme response.  And the worst part is that since her bed hasn’t been delivered yet, she sleeps on an air mattress too close to the ground for her own comfort so she spent all of last night terrified and slept zero minutes.  Yeah, zero.  I just started to feel comfortable when the sun came up, comfortable enough to doze off, but I couldn’t because I knew that with my extreme fatigue I’d be dragging and needed the extra time.  Even so I barely made it out the door on time.

I should have gotten up and turned on the light but I didn’t want to waste electricity.

Then school was rough since I got my “permanent” class today and I h-a-t-e it.  Yeah, the teacher’s name should be Fidel Castro or something because the kids aren’t even allowed to talk at lunch.  Mmmhmmm.  Thank goodness the principal and I are tight (ish) and I feel comfortable enough to tell him how I feel because in the end she’ll hate me because frankly, I’m not going to watch a four year old girl, who can’t speak English, eat two carrot sticks for lunch, because she can’t cut up her food and in her culture you don’t eat with your hands and I’m not allowed to do it for her because she needs to learn how to be like everybody else.  Oh, and the boys aren’t allowed to play in the kitchen and the girls aren’t allowed to play with the trucks.

That doesn’t include my rulesno cell phone, no drinks other than water (no coffee :(( ), no gum, plus all the child related rules- don’t hold their hand to lead them any where, don’t… whatever

I think I’m just tired and cranky… time for bed!

I’m home!!!!!!!!!!!

Home is good 😀


Breakfast to go:

I just wanted to finish up the food that would go back while I was gone so I had the rest of a container of blackberries, sliced peppers and two pitas toasted. I only had two bites of the pita (what a waste), because I had a nervous stomach, but I was able to finish the blackberries.

Since I didn’t eat I was hungry at the airport, I got Subway:

BWI and a veggie delight sub, the return of the peppers, diet coke (ugh, I know) and apples.  I usually get the chips, but I’m glad I went with the apples.  It was a really good lunch but I still had leftover peppers and apples for later!

On the plane, I had a cup of black coffee because I was getting sleepy (I always do on planes, the movement lulls me to sleep)… Southwest makes good coffee!

At home we grilled (all vegan too!).  Grilled eggplant, zucchini and squash (that I brought with me on the plane like a weirdo because I didn’t want it to go bad, along with other produce), asparagus that was fresh picked from my parents yard (how cool is that, I grew up in a city and now they live somewhere where the asparagus just grown on its own!)… and tofu (that was marinated in balsamic vinegar).  It didn’t marinate long enough so the flavors didn’t really permeate it which is fine for me because I like the flavor of plain tofu, but not for the discerning palates at the table who had never tried it before.  I didn’t feel like taking a pic, um I know… I just wanted to eat (I was really hungry!).

And the best part of the day (well not the best, just a very good part)… fresh picked blackberries my FAVE:

Good day!  Good night!

Oops, I forgot, I had a piece of toast with peanut butter tonight as well!