I’ll admit it.

I’m an overachiever.  I want to be able to do everything and be the best.  The thought of coming in second or not putting a real effort into something makes my stomach hurt.

It makes me a good employee and a good student but when it comes to taking care of ME it is one of my most detrimental traits.

I make huge lists, or calendars or schedules.  I plan to turn my life around with home-cooked healthy meals within a certain calorie range that hit the food pyramid just right and that will equal 100% of my Daily Value of everything.  I will do two hour long workouts a day.

Never mind the fact that I work a full time and part time job.
Never mind the fact that I am finishing my degree with a major and two minors.
Never mind the fact that no one can be perfect, every second of every day.
Never mind the fact that you can’t eat 1200 calories, on the dot, and actually have 100% daily value of every nutrient imaginable before taking a multivitamin.

As soon as one of the many rules is broken, they no longer seem valid and I fall apart.

“It is better to take many small steps in the right direction than to make a great leap forward only to stumble backward.” -Chinese proverb

The lovely lady over at My Three Month Challenge has been a huge inspiration to me.  She makes three month commitments to herself to make a change in her health using different methods.  What is truly amazing is how the changes, that started off as a three month goal become a real part of her lifestyle- This lady kicks butt in the gym!

A few weeks ago I told her that I’d love to join her on a challenge and she created the 1-Goal-A-Day Challenge.


Everyday, we’ll be making a goal for the day.  We’ll be posting it on our blogs and/or twitter accounts (@allveggedout and @m3mc).

It’s just one little thing: Pack a lunch, Eat breakfast, Get 10,000 steps, etc.

When we continuously make these small choices, we’ll be making changes for the better and begin to incorporate them into our daily lives.  By the end of the challenge, we hope that these little changes will become part of your daily routine and we’ll all be healthier and happier as a result.

The best part is that the goals are your own.  My struggles are different from Ms. M3MCs and our struggles may be different from yours.

Please join us in this 1 Goal-A-Day Challenge…

It’s simple

Between 10/5/2009 and 10/18/2009

*Sign up here or at M3Mc’s (just leave a comment)
*Post/tweet a small, realistic goal for yourself every morning
*Focus on accomplishing the goal throughout the day
*Report back at the end of the day
*Put up a participants’ list in your sidebar
*Add the logo to your side bar
*Support your fellow challengers
– leave them encouraging comments or tweets and just be part of the support system that will help us all succeed

We hope that this will spark great changes in your lives as we know it will in our own.

A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.
Lao-tzu, Chinese philiospher