Hey y’all…

I’ve rescheduled my entire life.  Well, at least I’m trying to.  A lot of my worries have been eased and while I still have some things to figure out, things are much better over here 😀

So… in keeping with my new attitude and my commitment to do the things that I love along with the things that I just “have to do” I’m going to commit to food blogging again.  Mainly for me.  It definitely stabilizes me and it certainly ups the quality of my eats… sorta 😉

I’ve been battling some illness so I had a liquid breakfast


A nice mug of Yogi Throat Comfort Tea which has been my saving grace this weekend… Normally, I skip sweetener but I know that honey is actually really good for sore throats plus it made the 10-12 cups a day much more interesting.


The second part included this really cool powder I was sent.  Macrolife Naturals is a line of food supplement powders and bars.  I know a lot of people are “anti-powders” but I’m a fan.  Last year, when I was a nanny and was home all day I had time to make sure I was covering all my nutritional bases.  Now, that’s not really feasible because I’m out of the house and chasing five year olds seven hours a day.  This helps me meet my nutritional needs without much thought.


Anyway, it comes in two varieties and this Macrolife Reds is fab-u-lous.  I popped it into the blender with half a frozen banana and some vanilla soymilk.  It tasted similar to strawberry banana but not quite (I’m so eloquent, no?).  I actually hate strawberry banana but I liked this because it wasn’t quite that.  It was berry banana more accurately which I like! A lot!


Obviously, there was some (soy) milky unsweetened coffee to go.  Obviously.


A Panera “Bogel” was also consumed.  Cinnamon Krunch.  I have no idea where the other five went.  None.


Lunch was kind of thrown together. A nice sized salad with romaine, tomatoes, red onion, olives and feta. Oh, and some yummy Greek Dressing.  This is by far my favorite version of salad.  Simple and delicious. Next time, remind me to add capers, k?



Along with that I had another Macrolife product- one of the bars.  Chocolate Cinnamon. Honestly, this isn’t my favorite combination of flavors.  Chocolate alone would have been grand.  I do love that this is a raw bar and that the first ingredients are brazil nuts (yum) and date paste.  It’s not a Larabar but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.  There are some other flavors that are more on my radar- Apple Lemon and Berri Berri are great.  Especially, Berri Berri.

Would I buy these bars and the powder? Honestly, it’s out of my price range.  A three month supply of the powder is $100.00.  That comes out to a dollar a day and believe me I think that health is priceless.  The bars are ~$32.00 for a pack of 12.  That’s almost 3 dollars each.    I did feel really good today.  Significantly better than I did over the last four days that I spent mainly lying around blowing my nose… The feelings could be related to that but maybe the sheer amount of healthy supplements in these products that bombarded my body with what it needed to heal.  Who knows.  I think further research is necessary.

I had an appointment today- good news I don’t have H1N1… for all the concerned parties out there… and if you are sick… go to the doctor better safe than sorry… even if it’s just a cold, you don’t want to share those germs with those around you… Believe me then you’ll feel awful.

By the time I got home, I had a serious craving out of nowhere (actually it’s from a Psych commercial, ten points if you know the one ;).


Don’t hate. Baked (formerly frozen) fries and some grated Organic Valley Colby cheese.  Mmm. Perfection.  Actually, even though my tummy was full I wasn’t satisfied.  That finger food doesn’t work for me.  I must say though that I think that was the second time in life I had cheese fries (okay third?) I totally see the love.  Yum. (Salad plate- obvi).

I decided to put all that carby goodness to use and went for a treadmill run (so I could get some major reading) done… 40 minutes of that, followed by a quick cooldown on the stationary bike (mostly just so I could finish the chapter!).

I feel great tonight.  I’m not sure what it is but I had a great day… My attitude has definitely shifted and though I have a lot on my plate there are those who have a lot less than I do and I am thankful to be so fortunate.  I got a killer afterschool job that’s just an hour and half which makes my impending move and rent increase (worth it for a bigger place) much more feasible AND I’m loving my classes which makes all the reading and assignments enjoyable.  Gotta love it.  Oh and I got two new students today which splits our class pretty evenly among those lovely strong personalities and the more mellow (read: don’t scream in the hallways) crowd.  I figure that in the next month or so the strong personalities will duke it out and instead of competing will learn how to work together 🙂

Ok… I’m still a little gross in need of a shower and to prep my lunch for tomorrow. Night loves.

Have you seen the video for that Drake song? It’s so controversial but honestly, your average Rap music video is pretty degrading toward women so why is this one so much worse than the others?

Oh, well. I had the Best I Ever Had Saturday!

I woke up at around 10:30 which was amazing considering the severe lack of sleep during the week. I had a few handfuls of PB puffins out of the box followed by some trail mix handfuls that said they weren’t feeling well and didn’t want their pictures taken. Oh well.

Then I went traipsing over DC/MD doing my thing, and enjoying the fresh air.

Although, I had a quiet day full of homework planned plans changed and I ended up hanging out…
Dinner was-

200907122148.jpg + 200907122149.jpg

It was delicious, but I think people think I’m weird enough so I tried to take these pictures surreptitiously. I guess it worked 🙂

Later, I had one of these…

I also had some of this…

Mmm, it was too good mixed with some Coke Zero… I rarely have a drank but this was just delicious and while it’ll probably be another two months before I have a drink again (just because I feel like it) I think that’ll be my choice then!
Then I danced to my hearts content, had fun, did my thing, you know…
This morning, I wasn’t hungry (maybe from the unpictured bites of bakery fresh cinnamon raisin bread I had before bed) so I just vegged with my Macbook for a bit. It helped that I got up at 11 😳
When I was finally ready to eat, I went for a walk and got this

A little Eat Fresh yum!

Loaded with lettuce, tomato, spinach, black olives, onions, green peppers, cucumbers, banana peppers and honey mustard. Sooo good. I can’t believe that a few months ago I would have been embarrassed to order, and then eat an entire foot long, but I’m working on getting over my ideas that everyone will think I’m f** (that is the real F word!) if I eat in front of them, or order food from them. It’s nice to feel comfortable eating around people again. Although, I still struggle with it at times, it’s good to see progress.
Then I cleaned up the grossness that was my apartment. It wasn’t really gross but I usually clean my kitchen (top to bottom) and bathroom twice a week and hadn’t done it once during the week, and the floors needed cleaning. All is well Chez Rebeca now 🙂 I even took a nap, but I had a bike ride planned and couldn’t do it because my body was aching from the cleaning (or maybe last night’s dancing and such, don’t know). I’m going to try and get to bed early so I can fit a ride in tomorrow morning before work!
After my short nap, I was hungry so made a quick, but delicious dinner.

Bean burger using this method. So flipping fabulous, I used the last of my beans from the other day (one can- three meals!!), some more adobo (they were cooked in that and sazón) and tons of Tabasco.

Served with blueberries and a dil pickle. Can you believe I used to hate pickles? Ooo and artichoke kalamata hummus on the bun! It was spicy and delcious, the perfect summer meal, and took all of 7 minutes to make!
Alright, I’m off to bed to spend some QT with my iPod- we’re thinking of running off and getting married since we’ve been shacking up for years and it seems like the time is right since we can rarely spend a night apart from one another. It’s true love!

Can I just say that I am super excited for the month of August? I have some very cool product/company reviews and giveaway contests (yes plural) planned for the month that I think you guys will love, but in my excitement I find myself wishing away July. It doesn’t help that my heart is conflicted and August could also be a big turning point in my life if I decide to move. I’m being pulled in so many directions right now, it’s out of control! Part of me knows that I owe a lot of my recovery to living in MD on my own terms and that I wouldn’t have been able to build a healthy relationship with my parents had I not moved. I also have a few people that I love dearly here and my heart would break a little (or a lot) to leave them. On the other hand, I now have a great relationship with my parents and sometimes I feel really alone here and wish I could just crawl into my bed at home, or get a hug from my mom once in awhile. I really wish someone would tell me what to do, but that probably won’t work!

Alright… enough of that. I really needed some green monster in my life this morning. I should have had one in the midst of a migraine though. Hindsight is 20/20, huh.


1 cup of organic skim (blech, I was so excited to drink this when I got it but I’m over cow’s milk again), 2+ cups of spinach, ripe nectarine, ice.


Frothy Goodness

On my way home, I got hungry, so grabbed the Zbar from my purse.


Apple Cinnamon. Then I realized I couldn’t eat on the bus, so I put it back 😳 I have a bad habit of coming in and checking my emails and I was so engrossed that I ended up eating it, in front of my computer while replying to some messages. How come these bars always taste like they were just baked? It’s so weird, but so good! I think that’s why Apple Cinnamon is quickly replacing the brownie flavor in the top spot. (Yes it was 40 cents… I’m a bargain shopper, and you know I , errrr my dad, bought out the store when we saw these!).

When I was finally ready for dinner I had some leftover pizza.


Two slices from a small pie (they were maybe the size of 1.5 regular slices, if that!). I never feel guilty ordering pizza because 12 dollars becomes 4-6 meals (and yes, I know I could make cheaper meals at home, but for restaurant food I appreciate that). I freeze what I’m not eating at the moment and then have my treat when the mood strikes. This pizza had tomatoes, black olives, green peppers, onions, and cheese. It was super good stuff!

Then I had this beautiful thing.


Actually, I had the first half last night. Then the second half today. Can I just say there was a time I would have binged on this and had multiple slices. I certainly wouldn’t have stopped when I was satisfied and saved the rest. I feel all these changes in me and I am so proud of myself.

I don’t care how that sounds, but over the weekend I had a migraine and I did a killer yoga session (P90X yoga is long and intense) because I knew it would ease the pain better than a shot of caffeine. Yes, coffee or half a chocolate bar would have provided temporary relief but my body was better served with the yoga. It didn’t cure me, but it helped me sleep that night. It shows me that I am becoming a different but far better person, at least health wise. I even feel like a happier person and have a much more positive outlook on everything!

I feel like these past few weeks, that things have just clicked within me and I am growing so much, and I can honestly say that it’s due to you guys who read my ramblings and the inspiration I get from all those bloggers over to the right ——–> (and for the record, that needs to be updated. It seems like I find another great blog every day!).

Guess what I got today?


Coupons I won from Melinda! Coupons, are like winning the lottery for me, especially these healthy food ones (Amy’s, Kashi, etc. etc.)

One last note, for the next few weeks I’m going to be working on some things for next month, so I may have mystery snacks and some mystery ingredients going on. No worries though, I’m still eating a balanced (or at least my attempt at it) diet and working toward my goals. Maybe it’ll inspire me to talk about my workouts again which means I’ll commit to them better 🙂

Ooo and a question: Do you tell those in your life about your blog? My family knows about and I just linked to it on facebook this afternoon, but there are certain people who don’t know. I feel dishonest when I just say “mmhmm” about blogs when it comes up in conversation. Sometimes I feel like I shouldn’t say anything but All Vegged Out is a pretty substantial part of my life, it’s like my child, so does that make me dishonest? If it does, how should I go about discussing the subject (I’m thinking an email with a link since we send each other interesting links as it is, but that’s because I’m non-confrontational like that).

❤ you all!

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