My Macbook is still at the Apple store- In the past two years I’ve had the display replaced once, and the hard drive twice (losing everything in the process), now they’re fixing the right shift key, the ethernet port and the case!  Eeek! Thank goodness for AppleCare!


As soon as I got up, I got some major work done, including a quiz and a test.  I didn’t stop to eat breakfast which was a mistake but my “brunch” made up for it.


Two tortillas stuffed with lettuce, tomato, cucumbers, feta and a little raspberry walnut (I think) vinaigrette.  Fab!


Since I was still hungry, I had a yogurt in my favorite flavor too!

Much, much, much later I made dinner-

IMG_1545Sorry About the Pic

A frittata stuffed with feta, asparagus and a little carmelized onion.  Delicious.  There may or may not have been some french fries eaten later in the evening but they were camera shy 🙂

Friday was fab, in that I got to use these.


Ahhhh! New shoes!


I really used these fab Nike running shoes and went for a quick 2 mile run.

Later in the day, I mowed the lawn on the riding lawnmower (ob-v) and did some weeding.  I felt so farmer-ish… living outside of the city is so weird!

Ooo, and I played badmiton with my dad, and fell and twisted my ankle.  Totally worth it because I actually hit the birdie for once.  Thankfully, I’m practically pain free now!


I had a rush rush breakfast of ww pancakes then said goodbye to my computer, visited some people in the city, shop shop shopped with my dad and pretty much had a blast.


Since we were out, I only managed a snack in the car instead of lunch.


For dinner, I had rice and beans and eggplant parmesan.  They don’t neccessarily go together but it’s not like I can choose between the two.


Sunday and Monday

I didn’t take any pictures 😳 The days were fabulous though… lots of Dad-isms and friend times.

Operation Beautiful:

I left two notes this weekend!


Check out Caitlin‘s fab site for the other one 🙂