My apartment is sparkling since I got home early from my meeting and had loads of time to get things done- I did regular cleaning and extras I’d been putting off like scrubbing my fridge and freezer, cleaning the oven, scrubbing my shower curtain, *ahem* dusting (I hate dusting).

I had my meeting this morning and it went well, hopefully I’ll have some good news soon!

Instead of yoga this morning I got sucked into CNN and Sotomayor dramz.  I never, ever watch the news partially because I rarely watch tv (unless it’s DVRed reality shows) and partially because I don’t deal with sad/bad news well and am at my limit with school.  Then I watched Housewives NJ because, well, I love that show!  I haven’t decided yet which is a better way to get ready for my day- downdog or Dina+Danielle :mrgreen:

I was really nervous this morning and didn’t eat anything.  Then I got into the cleaning zone and didn’t realize but it was already 3:30.

I saw that KLM over at Bites and Bowls had grilled cheese with a side of pickles.  So, in typical copycat fashion.  I thought about doing the same.  Then got buried under a pile of laundry.  I eventually grabbed a granola bar before I fainted.


It wasn’t enough, so I popped something in the microwave:


I have a love/hate relationship with Quaker.  Yummy food.  Excellent goals.  Horrible ingredient lists. Meh. :/  Still tasty when warm.  I think I’ll have to make my own “oatmeal to go” bars when these are gone.  I have some ideas though. (A lot of color play going on there)

Then I just got overwhelmed, plus my kitchen was out of order (oven cleaner at work) and had to order in haha.  Oops for losing The Simple Life Challenge Points.


It was yummy, too bad I could barely get in about 3/4 c. of rice and 1/3 c. of the general tso’s (tofu).  Wait, why is that bad?  That’s not bad portion control.  I may have to grab a few more bites later though.

Oh and I had a few of these too…



HYC Checkin:

So I gained a few over exams and they’re steadily going away, but not as quickly as they crept up on me.  Yikes.

101 in 1001:

Still going strong on the vitamins and I plan to do some yoga + meditation before bed tonight.  I even saw one of the monuments today! I saw the National Law Enforcement Officials Memorial kind of by accident.  It was beautiful!

In other news:

DC’s the fittest city!

Top 10 Foods for Women