When I was researching companies that fit within the confines of this month’s theme, one that immediately stood out was You Bar. The company is owned and run by a family and from the looks of things even those who aren’t technically related are really part of the ‘family.’ The company is committed with providing with providing healthy, wholesome products that taste great to consumers.

One of said family members, Joel* sent me a couple of samples to try. I was really excited when I got the box!

*seriously watch the video ladies, you’ll like it

The first thing I tried was the Breakfast Bar

200907132336.jpg 200907132338.jpg

Ingredients: Dates, Egg White Powder, Honey, Cocoa Powder, Instant Coffee Crystals, Cinnamon

As soon as I opened the package, the smell of coffee and cocoa hit my nose and I knew I would like this bar. I’m a huge texture person, so I loved how chewy this was without any strange bits. It was smooth and delicious. It may have been a placebo affect but I was buzzing a bit after this, thanks to the caffeine. For a portable breakfast, I thought the nutritionals were great. I have “grab and go” breakfasts much too often, so something like this and a piece of fruit or a juice blend, and I’d be ready to face my day, even with my unpredictable lunch schedule.

The second bar I tried was the Honey Cashew Bar

200907132348.jpg 200907132349.jpg

Ingredients: Cashew Butter, Honey, Whey Protein, Nutty Rice Cereal

Have you ever had cashew butter? This tasted like spoonful after spoonful of it. I love cashew butter, so obviously that experience was enjoyable for me! I wasn’t crazy about a 200 plus calorie bar, but that’s just a personal preference on snack size. I ate this a little before a bike ride so I think it worked well, since I got off the bike feeling energized and not lightheaded like I usually do after a long ride. It might have been because my mouth was still so happy from the cashew butter bliss that I wasn’t thinking about food during the ride!
Cons? As much as I loved this, it was a little “stick to your roof” like PB was when we were kids. Now that’s fun for three bites, then it gets old.

I also got two trail mixes to try.

The first was The Best Trail Mix

200907132358.jpg 200907132359.jpg

Ingredients: Almonds, Organic Cashews, Walnuts, Organic Sunflower Seeds, Dried Sweetened Blueberries, Sweetened Cranberries, Sun Drops Original Chocolate Candies.

This I loved and I don’t really even like trail mix much. I’m very picky when it comes to trail mix, I want chocolate but not too much, I want nuts but I’m picky when it comes to those too, and I want some sweetness to it. This particular kind did all that for me! I loved the ratio of nuts to seeds to dried fruit to chocolate. Perfect! The nuts were the ones that I like (definitely my top three in that order) and I loved the blueberries and cranberries! I mixed mine with plain yogurt and it really made for a great, small meal that had the protein I needed to help me study, but without the bulk that would make me sleepy or uncomfortable while trying to do my mountains of work.

The second was Almond Drops

200907140003.jpg 200907140004.jpg

Ingredients include Sun Drops Original Chocolate Candies, Oat Bran Sesame Sticks, Dried Apricots, Black Mission Figs, Almonds

This wasn’t really my cup of tea. As much as I love sesame sticks and chocolate, I just didn’t love the combination with the other ingredients. Each on it’s own was delicious, together wasn’t for me. I did mix this with yogurt as well, and it grew on me then. I think I would have added some more dried fruit over the chocolate, personally.

The shakes were by far my favorite!

First, the Blended Bliss

200907141624.jpg 200907141624.jpg

Ingredients: Whey Protein, Organic Cane Juice, Organic Strawberries, Organic Bananas, Organic Vanilla.

What sold me on the shake was actually when I got to the end, and I saw the little strawberry seeds resting on the bottom of my glass. No, it’s not the same as throwing some fresh berries and a banana in the blender but when you see evidence of how close to nature the product is it’s awesome! It didn’t hurt that it tasted fabulous and was so easy. I blended with organic skim and water and it worked perfectly. I bet it’d work in a shaker bottle as well!
Cons? If I were to grab a packet to take with me to work, it wouldn’t be nearly as good because the first time I made it without ice, took a sip, and dumped it back in the blender with some ice cubes. I guess if I kept a shaker in my work fridge, or something it might be ok?

Then, the Breakfast Shake

200907141624.jpg IMG_1563

Ingredients: Whey Protein, Egg White Powder, Organic Cane Juice, Cocoa Powder, Organic Bananas.

This was also delicious and had just a hint of the banana taste. It tasted a lot like a milkshake (I used unsweet vanilla almond milk). I have chocolate peppermint soymilk that I think would be fabulous with the shake, as a dessert of course. I made mine with a lot of ice and did have it for dessert.

If I had to pick a product to order, the first would definitely be a shake. I love these. During the school year my breakfast is often a quick smoothie that I drink while walking to my bus stop. I’m not willing to sacrifice sleep or AM yoga for breakfast so that’s what works for me. If those shakes are any example of what YouBar has to offer there, I’m sold! I love the other products as well, and am a big fan of customizing nutrition. Since we all have different needs, there’s no one bar fits all, but YouBar solves that problem!