Hey Buddies…

It’s been a bit, no?  I had a strange little weekend.  It was really fun just not the norm.  I pretty much unplugged- at least from school work which means this post will have to be fast but it was marvelous.

First, some housekeeping.  I *sent* prizes awhile back by placing the packages in my school office to be picked up.  Today, I was in there doing some work behind the front counter and guess what I found underneath it? Yep, your prizes.  I can’t deal with that… but hey I’m not exactly shocked by the lack of organization. Anyway, I’ll be taking them to the post office this week.  Hopefully, I can get there before they close tomorrow, if not then I’ll run over during lunch on our Professional Development Day later this week.  Again, my apologies!

Friday, I stayed at work for a couple of hours and got major work done.  I may need to make that a habit.  I sit in my quiet classroom plug-in some headphones and just WORK.  It’s kind of fabulous.  Then I met an old friend from from Tufts (where I spent my freshman year).  We had a great time at this little restaurant at Union Square (nothing to write home about).

The rest of the weekend was spent lying around watching standup and movies.  It’s not something I usually do but it was amazing.

Nothing really of note was eaten except for about a pound of guac on Sunday while I was watching FOOTBALL.

Anyway, I’m on a mission. My new schedule has me leaving my place at 6:40, getting to school at 7:50 and starting work at 8:00 to 3:30.  Lunch is at 1:00 and after school I work until 5 or so.  So that means I need something that will carry me at least from pre-6:40 to 11:00 (when my kids have a healthy snack and I can snag a handful of baby carrots or something).  Then a lunch that will carry me to 6:30.  I don’t want to get home starving because that leads to bad decisions.  I can have a snack at 3:30 but I’m not really hungry then.

So, I’m trying to find the combination of nutrients that will work for me.  Today, I went with my favorite. Carbs.

I made overnight oats but then I realized the yogurt was way expired and it grossed me out so I ditched it. Instead, I had leftover noodles.


Cold sesame noodles isn’t exactly standard breakfast far and honestly I had maybe half a cup and it wasn’t nearly enough because I was starving at around 9 and since the snack was yogurt tubes I had to wait till lunch.

Lunch was more pasta.  That’s mainly because of my unplanned breakfast. Promise I wasn’t trying to eat pasta for every meal 🙂


Half was penne that was mixed with red peppers and baby spinach.  The other half was tortellini (unstuffed) and pesto and there was enough pesto covering those noodles to get on all the pasta.

It was good but then my co-workers started sharing junkie snacks and I ended up eating half a honey bun (my fave snack of all time) and some Fritos.  I’m not too worried about it though.

In the end- EPIC fail (hence the suspicious lack of photos).  Those carbs went through me (I also walked/ran a couple of miles with the kids after school) and those simple carbs didn’t work (it was white pasta too, yikes).

Tomorrow, I’ll try something different.

Anyone else out of their home most of the day and have healthy, packed meal tips?  How about fun easy to pack lunches?  Or even, make ahead dinners so I won’t succumb to bad choices when I get home? Any help/idea/tips would be greatly appreciated 😀

Notes: I can’t carry a bunch of containers because I’m trying to protect my back which is jacked up.  There is a fridge in my classroom so I was thinking that I could keep lots of cut up fruits and veggies in there so that I can just pack a “main dish.”  Last year I kept a loaf of bread, hummus and cheese to make sandwiches but I didn’t like being forced to eat the same sandwich everyday.  I also can’t really eat breakfast at work so my meals definitely need to be done before 8 and eating on the Metro is against the “law.”  Thanks guys!

On a very sad note… the Bills lost. Seriously… My heart is now broken.