Admittedly, it took a little while to come up with something today.  Let’s just say that being in elementary school when you’re a child is bliss, when you’re an adult it’s like a soap opera. Good times…

There is nothing better than a good slice of bread though right? Warm and crusty on the outside- soft and chewy on the inside.


(Subway Wheat Bread literally just out of the oven).

Sometimes it’s the bread you get with your quick lunch and it’s standard but certain days it’s just that routine bread you’ve had a million times but it tastes so much better for some reason.


(Rudi’s Organic Honey Wheat)

Sometimes it’s a slice from a killer loaf that just makes you happy.

Last week, I talked about the simple things.  Sometimes you just have to find your joy even if it’s in something you experience every day but to appreciate those things makes life better, no?