Mmmm, this girl loves yogurt- bordering on adoration in fact.

Since I cut back on my meat consumption last year (as in stopped eating it all together and now only eat it when someone else cooks it for me) I was on a mission for protein sources.  As fabulous as tofu and tempeh can be, they’re not very portable and I’m always on the move so portable is key.

Way back then, I discovered Greek yogurt and my love for the super sugary “light” versions quickly faded and was replaced by a serious need for the cool, extra creamy, tart and protein-packed option.  Then there was really only one option in the regular grocery store.  Now there are many.


Chobani has been an option for awhile now and it’s quickly gaining popularity (I think) largely due to their abundance of flavors.  Some other brands only come in a 0%, 2% and full fat version, and flavors are non-existent.  For those that love traditional yogurts but want to delve into Greek yogurts, I think Chobani is a great starting point (and certainly a lovely ending point as well).

Chobani has long been offering plain, vanilla, blueberry, strawberry and peach flavors (all nonfat).  My favorite of which is peach but that’s because it’s always been my favorite yogurt flavor.

I must have been under a rock somewhere (or just shopping at Safeway versus Giant- the Safe doesn’t carry Chobani :() and missed when honey became available.


This is fabulous.  I’ve purchased TJs version of Greek yogurt and always have to add honey to it to make it enjoyable.  The only problem is that I can never get it right.  It’s either too sweet or not sweet enough- meaning either I’m “stuck” with dessert or with something less than delicious since I’m usually too lazy to get up and get more honey 😉 Chobani got it right with this one! Thank goodness! Mmmm.  Not so sweet that I felt like I couldn’t have it for breakfast and it mangaed to retain some of that tart flavor I adore.  It was excellent!  At 150 kcal a containe though, I think I’d just grab a measuring spoon and add a little honey myself… but that would involve figuring out what the correct measurement would be… I do imagine this would be great substitute in a certain pound cake recipe though… hmmmmm.

Even though I was (very?) late on that flavor I wasn’t late on the next two!


I love pomegranate flavored things.  I’m still on the fence about the seeds.  Their flavor is delicious but I’m not the biggest fan of their texture.  The entire time I ate this one I kept trying to decide if I liked it.  In the end, the answer is yes but I would never eat it alone again.  For overnight oats, yes.  With granola, yes.  Alone the texture combination wasn’t for me- with something else to chew I think it’d quickly become my favorite flavor.  I do agree with others that the bits without seeds tastes more like cherry than pomegranate though.


This one was interesting because unlike the other flavors which are nonfat, this is 2%.  It is delicious.  I adore pineapple and can seriously eat a whole one in a sitting or two.  Pineapple yogurt is actually my favorite (I know I wrote that it was peach but I should have amended that to say peach is my favorite common flavor).  The few companies that have pineapple flavored yogurts definitely get a gold star from me!  While the flavor was incredible I’m not a fan of the 2% yogurt in general.  It feels like cream cheese in my mouth which is strange.  Again this would make a great addition to other things but, for me, I wouldn’t pack one as a side with my lunch.

In the end, the real question is would I buy these flavors? The answer is a resounding YES.  Why? Well, they’re delicious.  They’re varied- so you certainly won’t get bored and at my local Giant they go on sale every few weeks for 10 for $10 which is always a plus.

Too often, I won’t try something because of the cost or pick something that’s not quite as healthy or tasty because it’s easier on my wallet.  With this there’s not a huge gap and that’s comforting.

Yet, there’s another reason why I’d buy this.  Even though Chobani isn’t certified organic- AgroFarma, Inc., which owns Chobani, is a dairy manufacturer out of New York State that “uses organic farming practices to preserve the environment with a focus on producing high-quality and all-natural yogurts.”  For those of us who cannot afford or do not have access to all the brands out there this certainly makes me feel even better about purchasing this brand.

Now, Morgan (my Chobani ‘patron’) sent me samples of all the flavors and has kindly offered to do the same for one of you (US) residents.

To enter?

1. Leave a comment telling me one fun fact you learned about Chobani from their site. Look around there’s a lot of hidden gems in there.

I’ll start: Chobani comes from the word chopani which means shepherd.

Want a second entry? In a separate comment give me a new idea on how to use yogurt (and plain, with granola and in overnight oats are taken :mrgreen:).

Again US only, contest closes September 10th, 2009.