I don’t usually buy crackers, because I love them.  They happen to be one of my favorite snacks but I tend to show little restraint around them.  There’s just something satisfying about a cracker that very few things can provide.  I also love how versatile they are!

The last crackers I purchased where an organic store brand and they were disappointing.  Disappointing enough that they ended up going stale and became an afternoon snack for some birds and squirrels rather than this lady.  In my search for another organic cracker alternative, I was reading around the blogworld and kept seeing Dr. Krackers pop up and started to do a little of my own research.

“Dr. Krackers” aka George Eckrich has been a baker for most of his life with a lifelong interest in whole grains.  He knows the products inside and out since he spent three years in Mexico working in agriculture and has “rolled more dough and pulled as many loaves of bread out of the oven as any baker.”  He truly has a passion for providing a quality whole grain option to the public.

George was kind enough to offer to send me the Klassic Three Seed to try myself!


Ingredients: organic whole wheat flour, organic wheat flour, filtered water, organic oats, organic sunflower seeds, organic flaxseeds, sea salt, organic sesame seeds, yeast, organic barley malt syrup

This vegan cracker was voted “Best Cracker” by Men’s Health Magazine in June. Well, if those guys on the cover like it then I probably will too 😉 Oh my, this cracker was lovely.  I’m not a big fan of salty foods, generally.  While I like there to be some salt on a cracker there’s a delicate balance that I was looking for.  This pretty much hit it right.  As a fan of seed-y bread, I loved how many sunflower seeds there were throughout.  I’m not a big fan of sesame seeds because I think they can ruin a dish in the wrong hands, but their flavor and texture were blended nicely in this cracker.  There was just a slight sweetness that I liked as well! It was crisp and lovely and I bet it’d make a great gateway for a creamy topping like a soft cheese or a nice jam.

The best part about this cracker is that it was a “flatbread” cracker.  One flatbread was 100 kcal and perfectly portioned for me, since that’s where I tend to falter and end up with too many crackers on my plate.  I had it as a side to a large salad and later with soup and it was perfect.  I love portion controlled items without a ton of packaging, don’t you?  When I pack my lunch in the morning, I just place one in the container with my salad and it’s ready to go!  One got crumbled once and it made for an ”better than croutons” topping for me!

George is so generous that he sent me two other flatbreads to try and a lot of their other crackers as well!


I was swooning when I opened the package, but wouldn’t you!?  I’ll be doing full reviews of these as I go along but this one girl can only eat so many crackers before she needs to purchase a new wardrobe (unless someone else wants to foot the bill?).

He was also kind enough to offer something for you guys as well!


Twelve lucky readers will receive one of these beautiful storage tins of the flatbread.

To enter: Just go to the site and tell me which flavor makes you swoon… and come back and let me know which one sounds most intriguing to you! Contest closes 09/10/2009.

US only!