We believe that there is a relationship between the food we eat and the social, economic, and ecological health of the planet. – Lightlife

Choosing to go vegetarian even for one meal a week can make a huge impact.  In so doing, we eliminate a lot of waste and other issues associated with meat consumption and production.  Lightlife aims to provide lots of options of consumers to be able to do so. Read more.

The company also believes that if their veggies are going to do good for the Earth, so will they.  They use a steam heat pasteurization process to decrease water usage.  They use warm light for their plant lighting which acts as natural sunlight eliminating the need for increased lighting and energy use that traditional white light requires.  They use their organic waste to compost.  They also with the Solar Electric Light Fund (SELF) to offset their energy emissions by helping provide solar energy to developing countries. Read more.

I never buy meat at my house, even though I’ll eat it on occasion elsewhere I’d rather not deal with it at home for many reasons… but I still need yummy protein sources that are easy and don’t involve me neurotically cleaning in case of contamination 🙂

I’ve bought a lot of Lightlife products.  I have been buying their products for almost two years ever since I started researching vegetarian protein options and learned about tempeh.

I’ve used Lightlife’s organic tempeh for anything from Sloppy Joes (one of my first posts!) to tacos

Smart bacon was also one of my early blog eats (can’t find the posts :()… but there were many days filled with that smokey, salty flavor and avocado, lettuce, tomato and bread. One of the best sandwich combinations ever.  While Smart Bacon does not have the texture of bacon, it’s a great addition to a sandwich or as a salad topping mainly because it’s too salty for me to eat on it’s own but compliments other things really well.

I also love the sausage-style patties.


Sausage may or may not be one of my favorite foods of all time and while this certainly isn’t “real” sausage it cures my craving right away with the smokey flavor at a fraction of the calories and it’s fat free (not that I buy things for that reason but it just means that I can make a monster sausage, egg and cheese, right?).

Now, I must say that I tried the Smart Dogs early on and hated them.  I imagine that now, as my tastes have changed my response might be different but at the time I hated the texture of them and never ate the rest of the package (or that particular dog either).

The thing I like about Lightlife is it’s accessibility.  You can find it in most grocery stores and not just in specialty stores (usually in the produce section).  I also love their vast array of options.  You’re sure to find something interesting that you and your family can enjoy with all their choices.