Ugh- you know you don’t want to do it… but you have to.

It’s that word you just don’t want to hear.

I mean even if you are a neat person.

It takes time out of your precious schedule.

You could be watching tv. Or napping.  Or anything else.



and it’s an inevitable part of daily life…

(Don’t get me wrong- my apartment is clean- I just don’t always have the best attitude about doing it 😉 ).

Well, too often when you go to clean your choices are chemical after chemical after chemical.

Thankfully, major companies are starting to come around and offer green versions of their traditional cleaners.

One such company is Nature’s Source.

They offer a family of green cleaning products that are available at your regular stores.

They were kind enough to share some of their green all purpose cleaner with you guys.  It works just like the traditional versions but without all those weird ingredients.

So, instead of spraying even more chemicals into the air when you wipe down your kitchen counter (ever thought about what you’re breathing in?) just leave a comment and three winners will get a bottle of this green cleaner.