Okay, I’ll admit it.  I drink soda.  Diet soda.  I rarely take a picture of it although, I have a couple of sodas a week.

I hate that I drink soda.

I mean, I love the way it tastes.

I just hate that I counteract the good I do with ”whole” foods by drinking a glassful of chemicals.

It was my vice, until now.


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I discovered Zevia and there’s no turning back.

Zevia is naturally sweetened with stevia, has zero calories and tastes so good. It comes in six flavors cola, twist, ginger ale, black cherry, orange and root beer.

Jamie, at Zevia, sent me a case to try.

Cola was the first flavor I tried and at first, it wasn’t my usual ”diet crack” and it just seemed sweet and different.  Then I realized why it tasted different… because it was sweet like regular cola rather than other type of sweetness you get in Diet products.  Cool!

I tried orange next because I know that I’m extremely picky when it comes to this flavor… I don’t even like the major brands of orange soda just a select few from overseas.  Well, this tasted like your major brand… I handed a can to my (normal) friend who loved it because it’s so close to the ‘regular’ version of it.  So if you’re normal (unlike me) you’ll probably love this.

Twist and ginger ale were equally good.  Root beer which is my favorite soda was also good.  Again, I’m picky when it comes to this flavor.  So while I loved this, it doesn’t have that intense flavor that I’m looking for in root beer, but frankly it’s rare that I can find root beer that does so instead of settling for the diet (gross) version or the regular (sugar laden) one, I’d definitely go for this one!

Now, black cherry… this is a flavor I don’t really like in general.  This one I loved.  Scratch that, I adored it.  Right off the bat I was impressed because the liquid wasn’t ‘black’ like your average cherry soda… No fake coloring… yeah!  The flavor is light and refreshing and so unlike the usual cherry sodas you see around.  It’s a real winner!

Is it bad that I’m all out of it already? 😳  It’s just so good.

This is definitely one of those things, where you could place it in a glass, hand it to a regular soda drinker and convert them.  I know a lot of people have ‘secret’ (or not so secret) soda habits and if you could replace them with this and cut out a lot of sugar and/or chemicals from your diet, I’m sure your body will thank you!

Here’s the store locator because you won’t want to wait to try this!  If you can’t find a store near you, you can order online as well.