Solixir Beverages

Being a health conscious person, it always bothered me that it was hard to find an all-natural, functional drink that matched my lifestyle. Most options had too many artificial ingredients or too much sugar.  I knew there could be a better choice, so I decided to turn my vision into reality with solixir.   –Scott Lerner

How awesome is that?

I love carbonated beverages and will admit to many sodas in my history (most of them diet).  So, I love the concept of these drinks.  No added sugars and made from all natural juices sounds right up my alley.

I also love the different flavor options: Awaken Orange Maté, Restore Pomegranate Ginger, and Relax Blackberry Chamomile.



Ingredients: Sparkling Spring Water, Pure Juice from White Grape and Orange Juice Concentrates, Botanical Extract Blend (Yerba Mate, Betony, Panax Ginseng, Angelica Root, Turmeric, Ginger, Cinnamon, Nutmeg), Natural Flavors.

This was the first one I tried and it wasn’t at all what I expected which definitely clouded my judgement.  It’s definitely not “soda” because it’s not very sweet but as I kept sipping it grew on me and as a maté fan I ended up liking it much more.



Ingredients: Sparkling Spring Water, Pure Juice from White Grape and Pomegranate Concentrates, Botanical Extract Blend (Ginger, Elderflower, Elderberry, Nettle Leaf, Dandelion Root, Honeysuckle), Natural Flavors.

I love anything ginger so I knew I’d like this one.  I was right.  Since I knew that it’d have natural sweetness I liked this one much better.  The pomegranate flavor was a really great compliment to the ginger.



Ingredients: Sparkling Spring Water, Pure Juice from White Grape, Blackberry, and Lemon Concentrates, Botanical Extract Blend (Chamomile, Passionflower, Lemon Balm, Jujube, Hibiscus), Natural Flavors.

I drink chamomile tea most every night of the week before bed and blackberries are my favorite fruit ever.  I loved this flavor.  On summer nights, when the thought of a hot cup of tea is unthinkable this is the perfect alternative.  I wish I could find a traditional tea with this combination of flavors, it’s truly genius.

These drinks are not for your average soda drinker, but for a healthy eater who doesn’t like added sugars but like me really likes carbonated beverages and seltzers then you’ll love them.