1. How great is their name?  There may or may not have been some jumping on my bed while I tried some of these.  Strangely missed the camera’s lens though hmm.

2. I’m really into this company.  Why? Because their stance is a lot like my own.

Funky Monkey is all about health, nutrition and convenience.  Most of their products are organic or mainly organic.

I’m all for organic products but like Funky Monkey sometimes you can’t get everything organic.  I try to go local or organic but sometimes there just isn’t any there.  I like that Funky Monkey strives for balance while still providing a healthy product.

One snack bag is three servings of fruit.  I think they’re a mom’s dream because this sweet “chip-like” snack can get some healthy vitamins in picky kids without a fight!

Jennifer sent me their flavors to try:



Ingredients: Freeze-dried organic bananas, organic cinnamon


Yum, these are pretty simple but delicious.  I love bananas but don’t like things with an overpowering “banana flavor.”  I want to know it’s there but my palate is easily overwhelmed by it, which is why I’m usually a half a banana at a time girl.  I ate this whole package in one sitting and loved it.  The cinnamon really complimented the banana flavor and took care of my ‘issues.’

Carnaval Mix


Ingredients: Freeze-dried organic banana, organic pineapple, apple, papaya and raisins


This was good.  I wish I could tell you more about it but two of my students started gobling it up and from their smiling faces I’d say it’s kid approved 🙂 This is also the only flavor that’s not USDA organic but like I said, balance is best, and it is 70% organic.



Ingredients: Freeze-dried organic pineapple and organic lime juice


Oh man, I live sour candies.  I love that sour+sweet thing.  The one candy I’ll never turn down is a sour gummy worm.  This reminded me of that in all the best ways.  I loved this flavor and will definitely make it part of my regular eats.

Purple Funk


Ingredients: Freeze-dried organic bananas and organic açai


Check out the color on these babies.  The best part? There’s no added anything that’s just the yummy açai coloring the banana.  Admittedly, this took me two servings to eat because they were ‘banana-y’ but that’s just my hang-up not yours.  I’m glad I didn’t take these to school though or all the girls in my class would have taken it because purple is where it’s at (or so I’ve heard).

These vegan and raw food snack are great.  They have great chew and definitely cured my ‘sweets’ craving multiple times.  I think they’re great for kids- think lunch box treat, and great for big kids like me who really love fun snacks.

I know during the school year these will become part of my regular rotation since I always seem to need a post-school, pre-long commute snack in order to have the energy to make a healthy dinner.  These can definitely keep me on track conveniently!