1. Go Big or Go Home when it comes to Granny Smith Apples, of course.


2. Eggs + Avocado is a stellar combination


3. I was kidding myself when I thought pre-made mac&cheese would last till school started in my freezer.


4. Buttered toast makes me happy.


5. Stale PB Puffins are still good (How they lasted long enough to get stale remains a mystery).


6. Chocolate Peanut-buttered toast makes me happier.


7. Greek Diner food is the perfect post run-I only had a piece of toast-and it’s almost dinner time meal.


Bonus: Here’s a picture of the cake I made to enter in a contest. Trรจs belle, non? It’s vegan too!



Iowa Girl Eats is having a massive Pure Bar giveaway… I really want to try Pure bars so please don’t enter ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’m having a month full of giveaways.ย  Every decision we make as consumers matter, so all the products featured are ones that come from companies that I think are trying to do good things.

Enter them all… and there really is something different everyday, I can’t wait to share with you guys and hear what you think of the products/companies!