You want to hear a secret?  I used to detest almonds.  I refused to eat them.  Turns out I was just a psycho who didn’t know what she was missing all those years.

Though, I imagine if someone had handed me a package of Dr. Lankin’s Awesome Almonds I might have changed my mind.

Awesome Almonds3

This is a seriously amazing company.  Not only do they care about the environment, live by the Boy Scouts Outdoor Code, and pack their shipments in eco-friendly tissue paper rather than styrofoam peanuts, but they care about people as well.  They support Women for Afghan Women, Aid for Friends, not to mention some local charities in their hood.  Oh wait, they care about animals too, and even have “spokescats” Winky and Fancy that were rescued from the local shelter they support!

Cheryl and Liz of Awesome Almonds were kind enough to send me some samples to try.

Cinnamon Vanilla

Awesome Almonds1

Ingredients: almonds, beet sugar, water, cinnamon, pure vanilla extract and natural Vitamin E (to preserve freshness).

These were good, although they may have been misnamed because I couldn’t detect any vanilla in them.  Luckily, I love cinnamon more than most any other spice so I was a happy girl eating these.  They taste really sweet which make them a great dessert.  I’m a sugar fan but if you’re not a big one, I’d suggest mixing half a serving of these with half a serving of raw almonds and you’ll be golden.

Cocoa Java

Awesome Almonds2Ingredients: almonds, beet sugar, water, cocoa, coffee, pure vanilla extract, and natural Vitamin E (to preserve freshness)

This reminded me of those chocolate coffee blended drinks that are so bad for you, but taste so good.  I really liked this flavor a lot.  I wish it had more of a coffee flavor though, as it would have been a pretty week cup of coffee!  I really enjoyed these though and love to chop some up over some coffee flavored ice cream in the near future!

Orange Vanilla

Awesome Almonds

Ingredients: almonds, beet sugar, water, orange juice, pure vanilla extract, and natural Vitamin E (to preserve freshness).

These were by far my favorite which really surprised me since I thought I’d like them the least but the orange flavor is so fresh and compliments the almonds perfectly.  I couldn’t stop at one serving of these 😳  Although, once again, it seems like they should just stick with one name for these flavors, the first because the second is pretty weak.  They were voted the #1 specialty snack food for 2008 (by the Connecticut Specialty Food Association) and I can see why. The cinnamon was 2007s 1st pick, by the way.

My only gripe with these almonds is that there are two servings to a package, and it’s really hard to walk away after one serving.  If I were taking these for a work snack, I’d portion out the serving before hand because I know I can’t be trusted around the rest of the bag!  The pictures show you what one serving looks like ~12-15 almonds.  After considering it though, that surely cuts down on the amount of packaging used which is better for the environment, so I’ll let it slide 😉

I would definitely pick these over those other ‘flavored’ almonds out there for many reasons- they taste fresher, the flavors are fabulous, they’re vegan-certified, kosher, gluten-free and have ingredients I can name, and the company is trying to make a difference any way they can.  I’d much rather support this company, than some huge corporation, it doesn’t hurt that I’ve been craving some Orange Vanilla almonds since I ate all the ones I had!