Kopali Organics is an amazing company.  They are committed with providing consumers with a product that is organic, pure and made in as caring and sustainable way as they possibly can.  There products are always 100% organic, vegan and delicious 🙂

With phrases on the packages like-

We Are What We Eat
From Living Earth
Learn Where Your Food Comes From
Support Sustainable Agriculture
Farmer Friendly

I knew this was a product that I had to share.
Kopali says:

Every choice we make affects our well being, the lives of countless others, and the future of our world

Supergood for Farmers

Your purchase directly supports sustainable farmers, their families, and their communities.

Supergood for Earth

Grown on living soil, free of harmful chemicals, protecting the ecosystems that support all life.

Norman, from Kopali Organics, sent me a couple of samples and I was really excited for both.

First, the Mango,

Ingredients: Organic Mango

Yeah, that’s it.  Just the mango, and it’s organic to boot.  One package boosts a full serving of fruit, no sugar, no preservatives, nothing added, just 140 kcals of deliciousness.


The fruit was so good. I was very sweet that at first I didn’t believe that there was no sugar added.  I loved that! You can tell that they made sure to pick really great mangoes for this!


If you’re a mango fan and maybe can’t have it year round, or can’t find organic mango this is great!  It was kind of like a sweet chip, which makes me a big fan 😉

Then I tried the Supergood Superfood Mix


Ingredients: Organic Dried Goji Berries, Pistachios, Mulberries and Cacao Nib.

That’s some powerful nutrition right there!  I love the balance of flavors, there was just a hint of cacoa and the pistachios balanced the sweetness of the berries perfectly.


One package has two servings at 120 kcals each.  Each serving boasts 26% of RDV of Vitamin A and 36% of RDV Vitamin C, not to mention 11 % of your RDV of Iron.  Which means if you ate the whole bag, as I did you’d get a bunch of iron from a nonanimal source, half your daily need of Vitamin A and most of your daily need for Vitamin C.  In one small package!

As amazing as the nutrition information is, it’s the taste that counts?  No one wants to eat cardboard and these products were flavorful and fresh tasting.  Although full of dried fruits there was something light about them that made them a really enjoyable treat.

I am 100% on board with Kopali Organics’ mission. I am impressed with not only their products which will certainly become part of my normal eats, but also with their company’s stance on so many issues.  It is truly a company that cares.

I love Kopali Organics and I’m sure you’d love them too…