I’m going to try to make this fast because I’m not feeling that great at the moment.  It’s just been a gloomy day and I was doing some experimenting with a recipe that didn’t turn out right, and while I’m sure tomorrow’s version will be perfect, today’s left me disappointed after hours of work.

It doesn’t help that since I’m on vacation, I’ve decided that means I can give into my desires to stay up all night and sleep through the day.  That’d be fine if I didn’t have this whole internal alarm clock curse of adulthood and responsibility that wakes me up at a decent hour.

Anyway, I was craving PB+J toast after seeing some on Rose’s blog today.  The problem was I didn’t have any strawberry jam and that’s what I wanted.


Luckily, I had strawberries.  My friend SW wrote about this once on her long-gone LiveJournal and it’s become a favorite of mine.


Nut butter + Fresh Fruit Sammies.  Yum yum yum.


In this case it was more Barney Butter.  It was much better today.  Made me mix regular old PB and not all the flavor kinds I have on hand.  I will try BB crunchy though since apparently that’s where it’s at!

Then I cleaned out my cupboards got rid of expired things, packed some things to donate to the Food Bank and realized that I really need to eat more of what’s in my pantry instead of shopping for new things.  I think I’m going to challenge myself to do just that in August.  We’ll see though, I might have to stock up on Almond Milk and cheat a little bit.

I also walked and thrifted a little bit.  I got pretty dishes, some of which I think are worth a lot more than the 25 cents I paid for them!

Lunch was oatmeal (well multigrain cereal whatev)


Yes, oats with almond milk and pureed blueberries.  Delicious.  Baby spoon required.

Then I tried the thing I baked and it was good but the texture is off, it will be fixed very soon and you will see it then!

Dinner was thrown together because I was tired of my kitchen and needed something that wasn’t sweet in my mouth asap.


Tortilla pizza with TJs sauce, fresh mozzarella and feta.  I would have put veggies on it but I haven’t been shopping in weeks and the ones I do have didn’t really work with this 🙂

I guess I wasn’t done with the sugar though because I immediately grabbed a clementine out of the fridge after dinner.



I’m actually content today.  I’ve been reconnecting with an old friend and having fun doing so.  It’s amazing how the people we grew up with become such different adults than we pictured they would be.  It’s a good thing though, at least in this case.  I’m just disappointed in my baking project but I need to get over that and just dream of how I can make it better 🙂

Have you ever had a kitchen/baking disaster?

I do all the time, well I used to.  I think they made me a better cook/baker as a result because I know what to avoid!