I think one of the best parts of being a part of the ‘blogworld’, specifically the food blogworld, is the inspiration you find at every turn.

I am motivated by the other women whose blogs I read.  Sometimes what they share terrifies me.  Other times what they share make me a better person. A better, happier version of me.  While I never aim to be them, I do try to emulate all the good I see in their lives.

Too often though, I fail to let these women know how much they inspire me.  For the record, if you see my comments on your blog, even when they’re random and nonsensical, I am inspired by you.  At times the comments are themselves short because I feel broken or touched by something written.  Forgive me for not letting enough of you know how incredible I think you are.

That being said, I was inspired in a different way today, and not by a food blogger, but by a food blogger’s husband.

Yeah, sometimes guys are ok. Sometimes. (I mean not the ones in around me at the moment but apparently there are some out there :P).

Tina’s husband, Mal, ordered the best looking sandwich ever yesterday.  Since I’m not heading to BeanTown anytime soon (:() I decided to try my hand at it on my own.



I want to marry this sandwich.


I was going to skip the mayo but added a light layer and am so glad I did. The avocado was ripe and perfect.


The onions just warmed enough after a quick browning.  Okay, truth, I walked away for a second and came back to them like this… but I’m so glad because they were perfect.  I cooked them because I didn’t have red onion like the original, and I don’t care for white/yellow onions when raw.


The cheese melted just so- I popped on top of the egg just as I turned off the stove.  It was on just long enough to melt while I grabbed my spatula to place it on the bread.  The egg just fried to perfection (in organic whipped butter of course).


The toast, just lightly done, since I can’t stand dark toast!


The perfect sandwich.  Seriously, we’re picking out China patterns. I want something demure and simple but Mr. Fancy Pants wants some wild pattern 😉


I saw The Proposal last night with one of my co-workers.  We had so much fun.  The movie was cute and admittedly, I’m not a big movie person so my standards are low.  If I can pay attention for 90+ minutes then I consider it a hit.  I just would wait for it to come out on DVD and rent it though since it wasn’t really movie theater worthy (only movies with lots of special effects are in my opinion).


I had to stick up for my parents yesterday.  Let me rephrase that.  I felt that I needed to stick up for them.  I’ll be the first to admit that I let people “overuse” me at times.  I’ll also be the first to stop others from doing the same to my parents. Their “friends” like to stop by unannounced and take over their house with their (bratty) kids.  Hey, my parents work, my dad gets up at 3am, my mom has health issues, and hey I want them to be around to play with my (bratty) kids not waste their energy on someone else’s.  So, I said what I had to say, politely, in an email.  Got a phone call. Got lied to. Got insulted.  Remained cool although I just wanted to say “Helloooooooo, lady. No one likes you. That’s why no one actually invites you over.” I refrained.  They said something about my mama, then hung up.  Thankfully, my mom’s attitude is relief mixed with amusement over their stupidity.

All in all.  It was a good lesson to us both.  Sometimes we fight to preserve friendships that aren’t very healthy for us because we think the other person needs us more.  Come to find out they didn’t really care that much and were just users to begin with.  Good times.

But seriously, it’s a huge weight off my shoulders because I wanted to say something four or five years ago but let it go too long.  Now they won’t be a problem.  And if they do show up.  Well, then someone’s flying up to Buffalo to handle some business!

It’s also pretty nice to stick up for the people who’ve stuck up for me forever.

Oh, and since I don’t believe that anyone could ever be too distracted to say goodbye.

I’ll say goodbye for now. I have a list of baking projects I want to tackle which may commence tonight!