We went back to the American Indian Museum. Did you know that there are no straight walls in the museum, they’re all curved! Very cool!

It was great, but for very different reasons than last week- mostly, the interesting conversations I had with some of the parents… It’s amazing how different parents are from one class to the next but this ‘batch’ is pretty stellar, in my opinion. The kids were a little off today though, but that’s to be expected when Mom or Grandpa or whoever is there. I know I was always an angel around my teachers and not so much around my parents (I mean the halo didn’t shine as bright, we all know I was the perfect child… and teen!).

Anyway, I packed my breakfast this morning because I wasn’t hungry at all… and didn’t want to force myself to eat.


Good thing I made those eggs, they were perfectly light for my *not so hungry* self but filled me up just right. Paired with a banana, I was content.

At the museum, I had a clementine but the picture is MIA. Weird. I would take another picture but I’m fairly certain that everyone know what they look like, if you don’t then I promise I’ll eat one tomorrow so you can see it then 😉

One of the moms also got this amazing chilled avocado soup that I had a bite of. It was basically avocado+veg broth blended till creamy and then chilled. It was served with diced tomatoes on top and had some back heat so maybe there was some sort of pepper in the puree. I will be recreating that! Yum!

Then I came home for a lunch. I was hungry. Hungry for produce.


Enter my salad- TJs Sorrento mix, broccoli slaw, green peppers, tomato, capers, fresh basil. I topped it with two eggs that I hand mixed with a little bit of EVOO mayo and paprika. I just got lazy and didn’t want to take out any bread to make a sandwich to go with lunch. Good thing because I was full for… 6 hours. You know those containers that organic spinach and greens come in? Well that’s what housed my salad. Sometimes you just need a big one (TWSS).

Honestly, it was past 10 and I’m wasn’t hungry at all, but knew I needed to something before bed, so I’m made a quick smoothie.


~1/2 cup of unsweet vanilla almond milk, ~1/2 cup of H2O, a large banana, a cup each of strawberries and blueberries. When you add strawberries to a smoothie do you take off the green? I don’t. Partially laziness and partially because if I can drink a green monster than I should be able to deal with a little green there, right? That’s what those little flecks are 🙂

I think it’s a combination of busy-ness and tiredness that has zapped my hunger.

Tomorrow, I plan to go see Food, Inc. *free screening at E Street Theatre at 7:30* (hosted by Chipotle. Once I was at the salon and a lady called it Chip-O-Lay. Hehehe) Anyway, I plan to pack a lunch and do some work at a Starbucks until movie time. I’m going armed with lunch+snacks+camera+Macbook+iPod(s)+textbook, I’ll be a regular old bag lady tomorrow!

Do you eat more or less when you’re tired?

I used to eat more to keep my energy up, but that’s when I ate more *crap food* Now that my daily eats are more wholesome, in general, I get enough energy from them that I end up eating less. It’s an interesting phenomenon.

Alright, instead of saying I’m going to bed and then getting caught up in something, I’m going to actually go to bed! Night!