Have I ever mentioned how much I love my readers? Your comments and emails always make me so happy, feel so much better after a bad day, and are just generally uplifting. So… thank you!

I took the longest nap just now (okay three hours) but it was amazing and I feel so much better now. I could actually go back to sleep now which hopefully means my body is ready to listen to me now!

I went to bed last night with plans to sit down and have a real breakfast this morning, but I was sleeping so decided to get up as late as possible, and ended up having another grab and go breakfast.


Oatmeal to Go. I hate these. They taste fine but I have to shut my brain off in order to eat them now. It seems like the more I educate myself the less I want to eat all the horrible things in your average food product. Quaker really needs to get on the ball with that, I imagine that the market for natural, wholesome, real ingredients is large enough that it’d be worth exploring. Right?

Then my class went here.


The National Museum of the American Indian. The building is gorgeous, right.


First, we participated in the freeing of catarinas/mariquitas (depending on where you’re from).


They let free about 5000 of them and they help the plants in the museums garden to grow, and help protect their produce and such.


It was incredible although slightly weird since I can still feel them tickling my arms and fingers. Although, I left them all in DC (I hope).

Then we watched a presentation by a Mayan woman and my group and I heard Native Stories of how the stars came to be. My favorite was on the Quillwork Girl and her Seven Brothers.

Before the presentation but after ladybug fun (and hand washing) we had lunch outside.


WW Pita Pocket with mashed avocado, spinach and the last of my turkey slices.


Cucumbers and artichoke kalamata hummus.


And had a handful (or two) of baby goldfish. Satisfied whatever my stomach (or brain) needed.

Have I mentioned how much I love this class? I do. I do. I mean they’re all at school everyday during the school year but being a mixed age group really changes the dynamic.

Anyway, I came home and read some emails, took a fabulous nap and woke up because my stomach was growling.


So, I took care of it with some Clifford Crunch, PB Puffins and Unsweet Vanilla Almond Breeze.

I’m soooo ready for bed but I’m going to do a little blog surfing beforehand. Night night 🙂