I have a paper due tomorrow afternoon that is all mapped in my head but I’m pretty sure my professor won’t get the brilliance out of there so I may or may not have to actually type some words to send to her… which means I better keep these words to a minimum!

This morning I had a breakfast that included a yummy nectarine. It was my last one. Sad :(( Maybe when I finally get back to the grocery store I’ll get some more!


School was fabulous as usual. We did more of a focus on the social studies aspect of summer today with a traditional Mexican story that we acted out. It was so funny and I love how the kids get to learn in a fun way. We’re going to the Smithsonian on Friday and then the next two Wednesdays after that. I think the kids are excited but they really spent most of the day talking about how they were going swimming in After Care. Ants and folktales pale in comparison to that apparently!

Later, when I got home, I ate more of this:


Um, I’m glad this is gone, I’ve eaten pizza two days in a row for linner (?). Not the best thing but right now my to-do list keeps getting longer instead of shorter!

I ended up taking a nap because I was dragging and I knew I wouldn’t get any quality work done without it. When I woke up I made this iced coffee.


I sweetened it with Sun Crystals which is a Stevia based sweetener. I also added about an ounce of unsweet vanilla Almond milk. Honestly, the sweetner had that artifical flavor that makes my mouth dry, which meant I chugged this down. I still have one more sample pack, but I’m not sure what I’ll do with it. In hindsight, the Southern Pecan coffee I use has a very distinct flavor which could be why this didn’t taste right. I’ll give it another shot in something different- lemonade maybe? Generally, I just use sugar, honey or agave because I appreciate their flavors enough to know that 20-30 extra kcals once in awhile won’t make a huge difference in the long run.

I had this for my ‘real’ dinner.


A yummy smoothie! It was frothy and delicious!

Smoothies scream summer to me and I was hot but I hate turning on the A/C because then I get super cold and my joints start to ache (like an 90 year old, yes). Plus, unless it gets unbearable I can live without A/C after all I grew up without it, and I spent many Augusts in the Dominican heat with just a fan. I’m tough!

Oh my I just realized that Safeways sale on Purely Decadent ends tonight, since it’s just across the street I may have to head over there and grab some!

Night all!