I was feeling under the weather this weekend. It made for a pretty lackluster holiday. Oh well, sometimes your body just demands rest.

Thursday ended on a sweet note.


Hot cocoa and a frozen Veggie Girl-inspired Blondie oh my these just get better and better!

It all started off well on Friday with a small iced coffee.


Then I made this beautiful bowl.


A plain (organic) yogurt base, Heritage O’s on that.

PB puffins in one corner.


Clifford Crunch in another.


Beautiful kiwi down the center. It was delicious. I can’t get over my kiwi love.


Later on I got a migraine that knocked me out, I had to just lie in the dark and sip on tea for the next couple overs.

So, for the past few days, I haven’t eaten much.

I snacked on cheddar crackers. I also had a Clif Z bar and handfuls of cereal straight from the box. Nothing too exciting.

Today, I made this.


Garlic bread- times a million. Just roasted the garlic till it was soft and warm, spread it all over the bread, topped with some whipped butter and broiled to perfection. I had a bunch and it made my tummy happy.

This weekend made me hate being a woman a little bit because it’s the hormonal imbalances that lead to such extreme migraines. Oh well, at least it’s only a few times a year where they’re unbearable. Oh well, I feel much better now, and should be ready to go for tomorrow!

Later lovers, I’m trying to stay awake for the Next Food Network Star 🙂