How you is? One of my students used to ask me that everyday, 180 school days later and he still wouldn’t say “How Are You?”  Oh well, he learned his alphabet at least!
Last night I had a snack before bed.


Perfect nectarine x2.

I ate such good food today, but it started weirdly.  I woke up so tired for some reason, and I had all these plans to make juice but when I put hand soap on my toothbrush (not in my mouth thankfully), I realized I didn’t need juice, I needed rest, so I crawled back under the covers for an extra 20 minutes.


So, it was iced coffee and a Bagelful instead!  Hehe, it was good.  It helped that I could walk and eat at the same time… I saved most of the coffee for an in school treat (partially because you’re not allowed to drink on the bus, hah).

The coffee was extra good because of this.


Southern Pecan Organic Beans.  Omigosh.  So delicious.  I added a little milk and a little sugar (I made it really strong for some reason).  The smell that comes out of the bag just makes my morning… and once it starts brewing the whole kitchen just comes alive… and since I live in a box my whole place smelled fabulous.

School was great as usual.  The sentences just keep getting better.  Our team just keeps working better and better together.  If you know how bad my school year was you’d know this is the direct opposite of that.  It helps me deal with the huge fear that my (soon! hopefully) degree will be wasted… during the school year I really thought I wasn’t cut out for teaching, but I guess it was good to have a tough first experience so everything else can look better, and the hard times I know I can get through!

When I got home, I did what I normally do, sat in front of my computer screen in a daze until my stomach started growling.  😳


I made a K parfait, sorta.  Mine was PB2 with plain yogurt (I just couldn’t bring myself to buy Greek for 8 dollars, sorry), layered with PB Puffins and strawberries.  I think her version with muffins outshines this but it was so yum! (Eating with a pink baby spoon made it sooo much better)


A little later, I needed more chewing, so I threw together a sandwich.

Maple Turkey, spinach+ olive oil mayo on toast.


Also delicious.  I did chew something weird texturally, but I just moved on and kept chewing since it tasted so good.

Then I gave into a huge craving for rice and beans.


I have a rice cooker/steamer so the rice was perfect (it’s brown) with Pinto beans, because what I really wanted (Kidney) I didn’t have.


Topped with this.  Use the skin as your smushing mixing bowl, y’all!


There was a ton of Tabasco on top. The beans were cooked simply with Goya and my mother’s sazon it’s this secret mix (ok she’d actually tell you the ingredients but not the amounts) and it makes everything taste a million times better.  Just like home!  I remember being a kid and watching my uncles, grandpa and mom eat avocado with rice and beans and thinking that was gross.  The ignorance of youth!

Then I blog surfed and joined Megan’s water challenge.  I drink maybe 75% of my needed water in a day… but I walk a lot outside and I know I need more!  So, my goal is 80 ounces a day. 

Do you guys drink enough water daily?

Don’t forget that for every 15 minutes of physical activity you should replenish with 2 ounces (on top of the 64).  Did you know that?  That means if you workout for 60 minutes a day your target should be 72 not 64.  Something to keep in mind.  When I started my healthy living (the for real time last year) I had trouble with the water.  I was working/living at my job as a nanny so every morning, I’d fill a pitcher with 64 ounces of water and just drink out of that- then I didn’t have to worry about counting and keeping track.  Worked wonderfully!  Another trick is to put 1 penny in your right pocket for every 8 ounces you want to drink (right now mine would be 10).  For every glass you drink, move a penny over to the left pocket.  When you’re right pocket is empty you know you’re done!

I need some dessert (and water) and I honestly haven’t exercised yet today so I’m going to hop up and get some movement in my life even if it’s just rocking out to my iPod.

Long weekend here I come! Wooooooooooooo!
(I’m really just going to wash dishes but still no alarm tomorrow!)