First, my fellow Silver Spring-er Rose is giving away Old Bay stuff.  Including a temporary tattoo… Can I just say that if anyone wins this, they should just sell the temporary tatoo to me… there’s something about rocking that yellow and blue container on my arm that makes me feel complete. 😀

Last night, I did eat again, I was hungry hungry.


I had a bit of pasta (salad plate) with spicy marinara.  And chocolate chips out of the bag… hormones I think?


I used this fabulousness to make hot chocolate too (I used a package of regular hot cocoa mix + this + water + a little organic skim)

And now… a quick recap of the day… much better school day (thank goodness)… I love this group of little ones and it’s really fun to see them working together despite the fact that our class ranges from entering kindergarteners to entering second graders.  Today we caught insects outside… super fun (I caught a cricket)!

Before school, I had a vegetable juice.


1 head of romaine, 5 adult carrots and a lemon.  Still bitter, but Ms. Luckytastebuds mentioned that it might be a romaine issue, and she’s right, romaine is kind of bitter.  I liked it much better today.  I’m thinking it was the gross color that really did it for me, haha.

Later, I had my packed snack as I walked to the bus stop after school.


This was my first time eating the kiwi skin.  It was so good.  I can’t believe I’ve been throwing it away for so many years!  It helped that this kiwi was organic, I didn’t feel weird eating the fuzzy skin that way.

I stopped at Giant on the way home from school because I wanted a sandwich and needed some deli items…


Boar’s Head Black Forest Ham and Lacey Swiss on a slice of Italian bread.  Why is my sandwich so huge?


Well, I know that since lunch has been happening at a weird hour (around 3:30) that I won’t be hungry for a ‘real’ dinner before bed, so I’m just making that meal bigger and having a snack later on.  On the side I had some juicy strawberries.

Later, I had a yogurt for my snack.


I’ve had a craving for Stoneyfield Chocolate yogurt for ages, but when I saw that Giant’s Nature’s Promise version was on sale, I got that instead.  It was only ok 😦  I have another one, that I’m going to use in a smoothie and I think it’ll be better like that since all the chocolate was on the bottom so this one had weird texture issues.

Now, I’m off to bed for an hour (I fell asleep early, woke up, cleaned, and am ready for a nap before work… I need to get my sleep in order!). I hope everyone else is sound asleep at 4:01 AM!  Ooo Happy July!