Ahh, good ole Dr. Seuss is so fab and I love that musical but not nearly as much as the Wiz (oh MJ :(().

In my non-sleeping time this morning, I was dreaming of PB2.


Even though I originally wanted to have my first PB2 experience in a K parfait but this morning I was in too much of a daze for thoughts… so I just threw some in a smoothie.


Along with that delicious powder, I had a frozen banana, organic skim and that other chocolate yogurt.  Twas so good an peanutbuttery.  Love love love!  Thanks Cammy!  I won it from her fab blog, yay!

I felt awful on the way home from school.  Obviously, I need to get back to my juice because I cannot experience that again.  Yuck!  (I’m attributing it to the switch from pure enzymes and vitamins and all that jazz to a bunch of protein and I know I’m protein-sensitive).  I ended up feeling better after a liter of water and some fresh air walking before entering the building.

I came home with a huge appetite.  So I made a lunch to match.


Started with a spinach salad with loads of strawberry slices and some cucumbers.


Along with the cucumbers that are lining the side of the bowl, I had adult carrots and celery dipped in Artichoke Kalamata Hummus… yum!


Then I moved on to the main event, ham and swiss on fresh bread that I popped in the oven for a bit.


Perfect lunch!

Later when I got hungry I decided to have even more protein. (Yes, too much leads me to a migraine and yet today was so protein centric but I was craving it- I think that the more of it you eat, the more of it your body thinks it needs even though we, as Americans, definitely eat more protein than necessary).


Aaaaaaanyway, I had green eggs (aka two eggs with pesto whipped in) and an english muffin with blackberry jam.


Breakfast for dinner is the best!

I had a great work day, I love our summer school program.  If I end up staying in the area, I hope I can work with this teacher, he’s amazing and I know I would be so much better prepared for my first solo year under his ‘care’ beforehand.  We took our insects inside yesterday and placed them in a terarium… but the cricket ate them all.  We now have a wild cricket living in his own spot.  A cricket farm (?) that we made out of soda bottles (and that stinks), an ant farm that’s fabulous, and some butterfly larvae.  The kids are so cute, today they focused on doing scientific drawings.  We went from ant pictures wearing stunna shadez to really accurate drawings and the cutest spanish sentences about them.  I’m so proud of our kiddos!

Link love time?  Yes’m.

Snackface is giving away some Veg News goodies. There are too many to list… but check it out. You’ll like it!

Angela is holding the Summer Glow Boot Camp.  She’s so fabulous and this will be such a good life, lifestyle and body changing month due to all her hard work.  Join me on SGBC?

Luckytastebuds wrote a really great post today about weight and health and the reality that size and health don’t necessarily go hand in hand.  Chchcheck it out!

I’m off to go exercise myself and do my SGBC exercises for the day.  Later lovers!

P.S. Seussical- green eggs and ham today. Surely he would have loved PB2 as well 😉