I had a weekend I’d rather not relive, actually today was kind of like that but you’ve got to start somewhere, right?

My part time gig was as a portrait photographer at my friend Chinon’s mother’s birthday bash. It was interesting, a learning experience and mainly enjoyable. There were a few witches in the crowd who didn’t like seeing their unairbrushed photos (I was printing on site) which led to all this drama. Twas sad and annoying.

Beautiful Chinon (and my futre God-Child!)

Beautiful Chinon (and my futre God-Child!)

Fast forward to today and it’s the first day of Spanish Summer Camp. I started my day off with a Green Lemonade


It had one whole head of romaine, two cups of baby spinach, one medium granny smith, a tsp of ginger and a lemon peel and all. It was slightly bitter with the lemon peel in there which I wasn’t loving.  I think if I’d peeled just half the lemon it would have been the best juice ever.  Can’t wait to make another one tomorrow because I wasn’t hungry all morning, even past my regular lunch.

I walked into my classroom that I was supposed to be sharing with a fabulous teacher and he told me they’d added another teacher to the classroom.  I went down to breakfast to help the kids out and guess what? There were three extra adults in the room.  No wonder the district has no money.  That’s 300 dollars in pay worth of unnecessary employment for the morning.  Oh my!  Plus, I just hate it when the extra employment doesn’t contribute much. Oh, and one of the adults doesn’t speak Spanish.  That’s right, in Spanish Immersion Summer Camp.

Then of course, the lunch delivery was late so half our students had no lunch.  Thankfully, between the other Spanish group, our group and the original teacher and I we managed to get a few sandwich halves, fruit, pretzels, cheese cubes and granola bars into them.  Probably much healthier than the over processed junk they get from the cafeteria!

Since, I gave away what was my “walking to the bus stop snack” I just tried to run home.  Then my flip flop broke and I had to stop and get a new one.  Then I had to make a pit stop because it was so hot.


Yummy peach unsweet tea from DD (and use of the only clean bathroom over in my area of the Hill).  This photo was taken at 7th and Pennsylvania… I love the way DC looks even through a small iced tea!

Then my bus broke down.  Either way I managed to get home before a regular school day would have ended, which felt great!

I had to eat right away to make it to lunchtime.


A fabulous nectarine.  It was firm but juicy on the inside.  I love summer produce season!

I tore into lunch…


Sweet and Sour Chicken + Broccoli. It was “healthy”  Tasted great too.  Definitely serve frozen meals on your own plates makes it taste better!

I had to jazz up the dessert a little.


Peach crisp and slivered almonds.  Eaten with a baby spoon obvi.  Lasted longer that way 😀

Then I did some school reading… great book that technically is a Cold War novel which feels so decadent at this point in my college years!  Then I had a Cold War related dreams that scared me.  Now I’m awake again and slightly hungry so I may need another snackity snack and a little DVR fun before bed.

I’m kind of sad that this post is so “Debbie Downer” but my attitude has definitely changed.  I had a rough day, but my best friend is getting married in less than a month and her day was worse… and compared to our days there are people who had horrific days… so in the end, ’twas a good day!

You know what would make me really happy though?  If I won Emily’s fabulous blog makeover.  Actually, if I don’t win I’m going to beg/plead/bribe her to do one anyway 😉  You should check out her blog regardless, she’s such a sweetheart and has the best recipes (Pbu, anyone?)… so run and enter her giveaway!

Night y’all!