I’m back in DC/MD no :/  I miss my family already, but I do seriously love my place.  I’m definitely conflicted, but I’m glad that I have such supportive people around me who will back me whether or not I stay in MD or move back to NY.

Just to clear something up from my last post, I’m completely okay with being single and childless, for now… afterall, I’m only 22, I’m not exactly ancient yet 😉  What I meant is that, since I am those things, I can go work in Africa during the summers teaching English without worrying about how that will affect too many other people’s lives.  You know what I mean?

Anyway… I’m so late because Thursday was my baby bro’s birthday… I would put up a picture but I don’t really have any handy at the moment… Based on the number of girls who called/texted/facebooked/showed up at the door to wish him a ‘Happy Birthday’, I’m guessing he looks ‘ok’ 😀

That morning, I was craving something cool and simple.


Enter the greek yogurt + banana + honey combination.  There was maybe half a teaspoon of honey drizzled over the top, mainly because no more would come out of the container lol.  It wasn’t cold enough, so after a few bites I popped it in the fridge for five minutes then it was perfect.

Afterward, my dad, brother and I went to the happiest place on Earth Apple Store.  I got a new Macbook.  Now, my dad has my old one and I think we’re both pretty happy.  I think my favorite thing about the new Macbook is that the keyboard just feels so fabulous.  I know that’s so weird- of all the upgrades I’m loving the keyboard the best 😳  Someone said, oh “you got a new computer for Joel’s birthday!?”  Lol.

After the store trip, we visited my aunt and cousins who live near the mall.  It was actually really nice to see them even though it’s (sadly) a rare occurence.

By the time we got home I was ready to eat everything in sight.


Instead, I made a leftovers wrap.  I took chicken, spaghetti squash and green beans from Wednesday night’s dinner, threw on some feta cheese, popped it in the micro and had a fabulous lunch.  If dinner’s good, leftover wraps can be really fabulous.

Then I went on a baking mission.


Chocolate Banana Oatmeal Cups inspired by Roni’s recipe on Green Lite Bites. I made various changes, so I made a recipe page for them.

My mom loved them, my dad didn’t try them, my brother hated them.  One of them is picky discerning, the other doesn’t like anything if he hear’s it’s healthy, and the other one is my mom and has to say they’re good 😉  I personally loved them, and since they’re such an easy project and make a great portable, healthy snack I say go for it!  Let me know if you try it too!  I liked them so much I had two!

Then I had dinner


Fresh from the backyard asparagus, soaked in salt water, then dressed in a little EVOO, and grilled to perfection. Yum yum yum.  I thought it was silly to waste the time soaking them in the salt water, but it really kicks up the flavor.  I will definitely do this from now on.  Then I had one two hotdogs.  Here’s the problem… these are Sahlen’s hotdogs aka the ‘Official Hotdog of the Buffalo Bills.’  I mean come one, look at what they’ve done for the quality of football played by that team- not one, not two, but four Superbowls lost.  Jk… I love the Bills, loses and all, I’m no ‘fair-weather’ fan.  These hotdogs are just fabulous.  No other hotdogs compare, and they’re only available in certain states.  Just like restaurant pizza, they’ve been added to the list of ‘only eat in NYS’ foods!

Then, I baked some more- yes yes yes.


Chocolate Chip Cookies– some regular, some with Macadamia Nuts.  I used my special recipe (most of which is in my head) but subbed some white flour with whole wheat flour, about 1/3 of what the recipe calls for.  Joel and his friends didn’t know that I’d done that.  One of his friend’s said “these are the best cookies that I’ve ever put in my mouth.”  Two others just said they were amazing.  My dad said that although he could tell there was a difference and they weren’t quite the extravagant affair they usually are, he still managed to eat all the ones he packed for work without sharing as he’d planned!  I will say that he is actually discerning and pays enough attention to notice changes, but he’s also the one who handed me the container with the WW flour in it- so who really knows.  Obviously, my mom and I loved them.  Apparently, the four dozen I made on Thursday have dwindled down to 10 cookies!

Yesterday was traveling day.  I had a breakfast sandwich from Tim Horton’s that my bro got me (Thanks Joel) but the picture is on my new cell phone and I’m not going to wrestle with it to get it on the computer, lol.

Lunch was much needed after an hour delay on the flight, followed by the “we’re not going to serve anything due to turbulence” announcement (there really was none).  So at 3pm when I landed in Baltimore, I was starved and I practically ran to the McDs in the terminal.


I was in a hungry daze (seriously my stomach was hurting) so I ordered something that sounded healthy.  Grilled Chicken Club.  I forgot club meant mayo and bacon. It tasted great and I guess it’s okay… but I forgot that I wanted to boycott McDonald’s since seeing Supersize Me a few weeks ago (I’m late, I know).

Dinner was also from a restaurant which kind of bother’s me…


It was good though, grilled chicken over greek salad with warm pita bread.  I got it from a restaurant aptly titled The Greek Place. They have a great menu, good prices, and give great portions.  All their food is fresh and high quality, not to mention the service is fantastic.  It was really satisfying!

Today, I starting a new PT job tonight.  Wonder what it could be… stay tuned