My beautiful Dominicana GF-blog sister Amy gave me this beautiful award (but not as beautiful as she is)….

Run to her blog it’s gorgeous, she has the cutest daughter, AND dance videos.  Therefore I must throw this award right back at her 🙂

There are so many beautiful blogs that I read, and I could never pick among the rest so I’ll just redirect you to my blog roll, you can’t go wrong there 😉

Now, I have some strange pictures because there are some gaps 😳

Tuesday, I made my “little” brother breakfast, guess what? he’s turning 20 today.


My dad says he wanted his “big” sister to take care of him, so I obliged and made all of his requests, pancakes, eggs and turkey bacon. (I’m guessing he didn’t really want it to be turkey bacon but that’s what we had!)….

The rest of the day, I literally ate out of the fridge.  What a bad habit I have, and I only do it here, at home.  Just reverted back to that 😦  Then I went out to dinner with my best friend here.  It was nice to catch up in a form other than text message!

I started my day with more fridge eating… oh well… and skipped lunch in favor of a really long nap.  It was so hot today.  Definitely, not a Buffalo norm!

For dinner, my family all made contributions.


My dad’s marinade on the chicken, my brother picked the green beans out at the store (big contribution, right?), my mom cooked it all, and I made the dressing and stuff that went into the spaghetti squash.  The other day, I made a dressing with 1 part EVOO, 2 parts lemon juice, basil and oregano and a bit of garlic salt.  I tossed half of the spaghetti squash (a large one), about two tablespoons of the dressing, and feta cheese.  It was a fabulous dinner.  Definitely had seconds thirds of the spaghetti squash… all the pleasure, none of the guilt

My mom and I have been planning to have a guacamole date this week and since I’m leaving Friday afternoon, we picked today.


Yummy yummy guac, with hint of lime tortilla chips.  Everyone had some chips, only mom and I had guac (the boys are picky discerning).  Doesn’t the guac look gross?  Tasted fab though.

Then we watched some reality TV and the Philanthropist…. I’m loving this show, but that’s just because the topics/scenes/etc. touch my heart.  Makes me want to go work for Unicef one summer, teaching… I really need to do that, especially since I’m (basically) single (unmarried) and childless… Gotta work on that one!

Oh, no exercise… still waiting for the ankle to fully heal!