I think I’ve been forgetting that school deadlines don’t cease to exist just because I’m on vacay 😳  I’ve *tried* to get back on track today, and surely tomorrow will be another day full of reading and writing… Good times!

Last night, I made dinner for my mom and I…


Kale chips + chickpea burgers. They were nothing to write home about.  I mean they were good but the recipe needs major tweaking.  My mom gave the meal an A+ but she was on the phone and not focused on eating, plus she’s my mom ya know.


I did make this heart for the resident homegirl.  The ketchup really made the burgers shine, it was really a texture issue for me, not a flavor one.

Afterward I made a huge bowl of fruit- honeydew, pineapple and strawberries.  I ate about half of this!  Twas fabulous!

This morning I woke up at 8:30.  I got to work and did some reading and quiz taking until 10 and finally had breakfast.


It was a hot mess but a delicious one!  Vanilla yogurt‘s under there with honeydew, strawberries and Pbu.  Let me just say, that lovely, curly headed Emily is a genious.  Peanut buttery goodness that covers every bite without a million calories worth of PB on your spoon.  Yum.  I sweetened mine with a hint of honey and it was perfection!

Much later, after not enough reading and too much blog surfing, I had  a quick lunch.


Grilled cheese, adult carrots and fruit.  Yummy.  There’s nothing like plastic cheese to take you back to elementary school!

I went shopping with my mamasita and got so much stuff I can’t wait to show you!  Totally tops the thermometer I got at the outlets 😛 Before we left, I had a blueberry waffle.


While out, we stopped at Panera.




Can you believe I’d never been to Panera?  There’s one literally three blocks away from my place, and still never… I got a 1/2 Mediterranean Veggie sandwich and a 1/2 Greek Salad.  Yum.  I picked both for one reason, and one reason only, feta cheese.  My favorite!  My mother may have created a monster though because now I really want to try their other salads, sandwiches and soups.

She got her usual:


1/2 tuna and 1/2 black bean soup.

Now, I’m curled up in bed, and I need to put the Macbook down, and pick up one of the many books I need to be reading…. But first… There are some fabulous giveways that I must share!

Melissa from For the Love of Health is giving away some great stuff, including a pink headband.
Melinda from Fit and Fabulous is giving away healthy-food coupons. If you’ve really wanted to try something but haven’t been willing to shell out the major $ some healthy items go for, then this is one for you!
Michelle from Lucky Tastebuds is having the mother of all giveways with things that will make your tastebuds quite lucky.  There’s even some ab-tastic Jay Robb in there *sigh*

Hmm, Melissa, Melinda & Michelle that’s cute. I’ve just discovered these ladies blogs and it’s worth the trip over there just to see their yummy eats and read their fabulous insights!