I’m chez mes parents after a too long car trip… Me+Car=No Fun.  I just can’t stay awake because if I do I get antsy and bored.  Even five books and two iPods could not keep me entertained.  So I slept, a lot.  Oh well!

Before we left, I had breakfast. I was craving fruit+cereal but couldn’t find any berries or bananas so I just stuck with the cereal.


Go Lean Crunch+Honey Bunches of Oats Almond+Vanilla Rice Milk.  Man that rice milk was ssssssweet!  It tasted like dessert so you know I loved it!

On the road, we stopped at an outlet mall which was fun.  I wanted a lot but only got a thermometer for my oven so I can verify the temp in there for baking!  Oh and lunch.

Veggie Delite footlong shared with Mom- lettuce, tomato, olives, green peppers, cucumbers+mayo for me (can’t find the picture!).


In the car I had a bunch of Sunchips. Mmm.


I also tried this Kashi bar for the first time.  I always wanted to try these but never bought the box.  I’m glad I didn’t.  Blackberries are my fave and this did not taste like blackberries.  It was good, but just not what I expected.

Once home, I had a waffle and some chicken breast tenderloins because they were fast and I was hungry.  I just now realized that I had chiken’n’waffles haha… another set of pics that mysterious disappeared :angry:

This morning I had a doctor’s appointment, so I made a quick breakfast beforehand.


Yum eggs+plain toast.


I had a pretty bitter cup of coffee on the side.  Blech.  I added almond milk+ovaltine but it was still kind of gross.  I drank it anyway though!

After, being poked and prodded by my ENT, my brother and I stopped at this pizza place in our old hood.


They remembered us! Is that bad or good? It has been like two years since we’ve been there.


Cheesy+New York-y=the reason why I should never eat pizza anywhere else in the world but NYS!

We also stopped at Niagara County Produce.


My fave part of my parents move to the country!  All this produce for 11 dollars and most (if not all of it) is local!  I thought I was getting close to my limit or I would have spent more.  Oh well, it’s super close which means multiple trips there anyway!


When I got home I had what I think will be my last slice of cake.  It was very thin but I think I’m finally ‘caked out.’ Well unless those strawberries jump on a slice for me!

HYC: Hey y’all I just moved from one BMI category to another (healthier) one!  I’m very excited and can’t wait for the next milestone.  Even with some indulgences (okay many) I’ve still manged to keep everything else in check, fill up on veggies and go for smaller portions to accomodate my love for all things baked! Yay!