… And so we have!

Oh man, I’ve been so M.I.A. lately because my parents are in town.  It’s so fun to have them here… but along with family stuff (my grandma’s in town too) and school work, I’ve crawled into bed much too late for much else 😳

Anyway, Let’s start at the very beginning


Of course, I had juice again for breakfast- but this time it was plain ole apple juice.


Umm, why was this less tasty then my version with celery?  It was still pretty good though.

I didn’t want to waste the pulp, so I used it to make something fiber-ful



I used some chocolate protein powder, organic skim and water to make a very thick smoothie.  I ended up needing a spoon to enjoy it.  It was fabulous until I started chewwing on a stem… remind me to actually core the apple when I’m going to use the pulp from my juicer.  K?

Anyway, it was the 5th grader’s graduation later in the day so I ate the school catered lunch but it was eaten in bites while hugging and talking to my kids.  While I work with prekindergarten-ers.  All the kids at my school are my kids, and it was especially sad because they’re my “first” class.  I don’t even want to think about how many tears I’ll be shedding when my ’08/09 pre-k class graduates from the school 😥  I ate a turkey sandwich, lots of fruit, some kettle chips and shared a piece of carrot cake with a colleague.  I grabbed a chocolate chip cookie and ended up making that my dinner because I was so tired when I got home that I crashed!


I woke up and vegged a bit and counted the minutes till my mami and daddy got in.  I finally had breakfast around noon.


Cereal mix of course- Heritage Os, Clifford Crunch and PB Puffins. With more skim of course.

Then my parents finally got in and I took my mom to a special place she hadn’t been to yet.


Whole Foods!  She got organic quinoa, couscous and rice milk.  She loved the hot bar, and she said she’d love to live near one so she could treat herself weekly.  I’m thinking you need to hook up with her Gliding Calm 😉

I had dinner with the family but was starving by then and pictures were not in the cards.  We had Kentucky Grilled Chicken.  I had half a biscuit and some coleslaw on the side.

Later, I had this beautifulness.


Mmmm, Cold Oven Pound Cake made fresh by my grandma, using her mother’s recipe.  Perfection.


We went to church but before  I hung out with my buddies at breakfast.


Mickey and Minnie were made because I’m a child and refuse to make pancakes that aren’t shaped in some sort of way.  Lol.  I didn’t make the mix but it was sitting on the counter by the griddle ready to go as needed.  Yum yum yum!

After church, we went to a family friend’s house for lunch.  The family just moved from my parents area of NY to my area of MD, which is sad for my family but great for me!  The food was fab but the camera was in my dad’s car.  Bad Blogger Alert!

There was of course more homemade desserts had.



A small slice of sweet potato pie and a not so small slice of pound cake.  It’s called pound cake because you gain a pound for every slice you eat.  Haha.


Dinner was a small lamb chop and a salad. I had two platefuls of salad and added a smidge (less than half a Tbsp. total) of ranch dressing.

It was of course a fabulous day because I got to spend it with my family!


We got up at the crack of dawn so I could take my parents to school.  They got to meet the adults (meh) but none of the kids showed up 😥  I was sad but glad I grabbed them all for hugs on Friday.  After a boring few hours we went to my place to drop some things off and headed to my aunts (where we’re staying for the weekend).

Before school, I had something simple because my stomach was nervous and sad all at once.


PB and honey on toast.

I had a small slice of cheese pizza that was in the back of my freezer at home, and snacked on a Kashi bar and a SF lime jello throughout the day.

I also had a small glass of Pinot Grigio


Then we had the best, biggest dinner ever.





There was corn on the cob, potatoes, asparagus, brisket, chicken and collards.


I tried some of everything.  Half a potato (split with mom), a wing, a breast, and some veg.


Then I had my corn which was FABULOUS!  Mmmmmmmmm.

Then I had seconds of asparagus, collards and some brisket (it’s spicy and fab also).  The chicken was made in my dad’s special marinade (surely featured later this week when I’m home in NY) and was the best ever.

There were more pies made today, and I did have a thin slice of cake earlier.

I know I’ve eaten a lot of desserts but really I haven’t eaten a lot as in too much.  I haven’t overdone it, even with cake slices because they were all thin, even the ‘large’ slice was about a half a slice in terms of what you’d traditionally serve (IMO).  Along with the fact, that I plan to keep it simple and hit my parents treadmill and their fabulous neighborhoods soon enough!

I know I haven’t been reading/commenting but I start at the top of my reader and those of you in the Ws have been neglected.  My bad!

My dad wanted to be featured on the blog, so of course I’ll oblige.

This is my dad’s dessert.


This is my dad.


Kinda makes you wish you were a boy, huh?