I’m in love with my life.  Don’t ask me why.  Today wasn’t particularly spectacular, but I am particularly thankful to be who I am, where I am, what I am. I hope everyone else is having that kind of day and if you’re not, try to find one thing that makes you thankful for the life you lead you may end up surprising yourself at all you have to be thankful for.

Anyway, today started off as usual, with me hitting snooze on the alarm clock.  I’m still playing catch up which makes that 5:22 alarm seem like the worst thing in the world!

I decided on a power breakfast:



Green Monster.  I know some people don’t like these… but really they’re just like regular smoothies but they have added health benefits with the addition of greens.  I mean I’ve been drinking them for years, before they were re-named green monsters, but my old gym and the co-op in my hometown sell them and I’ve always loved them.  For example, mine tasted like any regular old Choco-Banana Smoothie but a cup of spinach meant lots of extra vitamin A and such.  And frankly, sometimes I don’t have time to “eat” because you really can’t on the Metro but I still want healthy food so I drink a smoothie so at least I’m getting some nutrients to start my day.

Anyway, I also packed a lunch.  Staring this.


Mmm, I love ham+mustard and nothing else.  Is that weird?  Who cares. Hahah.


I also had celery on the side.  Two baggies because one became my 3:30 slump snack.


For dessert, I had this gorgeous, delicious thing.  I love fruit so much!

I came home and I was so hungry and craving chocolate and chips.  I think I just need more fuel in my day because what I ate really isn’t enough for 6AM-5PM energy.


I skipped the chips and tried some new Wheat Thins I got.  They’re Wisconsin White Cheddar Artisan Crackers.  While salty, they are yummy! They also cured the chip craving 100%.


Then I had to have this before I started eating directly out my fridge.  100 Calorie Three Musketeers was so fabulous.  It hit the spot.


Now don’t be disgusted but after I ate that I got a craving for pickles.  Which is strange since if you asked me two weeks ago, I would have told you I only like sweet baby pickles.  Until my pregnant friend introduced me to the joys of Kosher Dill pickles.  Mmmmm. For the record, they taste just as good 15 seconds post candy as they would any other time. 😉

I was eating all this while my dinner cooked and believe it or not I was still hungry for dinner!


Fresh, sweet corn!  I don’t know how people can put butter on corn.  Honestly, if it’s well picked it’s so sweet and perfect on its own it doesn’t need a thing!


For a protein boost, I had salmon along with it.  Mmm this was a good dinner.  Simple and good.


Then I had an assignment to finish but I wasn’t motivated so it took me far to long.  Oops.

In the middle of it, the chocolate monster called me up, so I (obviously) gave in again.

Warm Delights Minis Chocolate Raspberry.


That’s what the picture on the box shows.


This is what I got.  Um it would’ve helped to have followed the directions I imagine, but it worked in my favor since I only like a hint of raspberry in my food.  I know.  ‘Tis strange!  There is also transfat in this so while the other one in the package will remain in my cabinets… I’m not sure I would buy this unless Betty Crocker comes up with an alternative, more natural version.  And P.S. Betty, I’ll sample any of your natural attempts 😉

Now, I’m done eating for the night… but beyond excited for what I have planned for tomorrow morning!  Can’t wait to share!  I also should note that while I ate quite a few things today, I am well within a healthy range for the day!

Now, before I forget.  A girl with the best name ever is giving away Chobani Greek Yogurt.  If you haven’t tried Chobani you must head over there and then to the grocery store to try it.  Head over to Rosey Rebecca’s blog to enter the giveway.  And after you do that, be sure to look around, her blog is great!

Night night loves.