Wowza, this lady’s tired but naps mean waking up in the middle of the night so I’ve forced myself to stay away (podcasts, blog reading, a hot bath, dishes, and lounging).  I plan to head off to sleep very soon!!!

This morning, as I was typing my last post, I had a yummy apple.


It was quite the apple.  In case you hadn’t noticed, Granny Smith apples are my absolute favorite.  Crisp, tart with just a hint of sweetness.  *sigh* It was a good way to start the day!

Then I kind of dozed for a bit and ended up grabbing what I could for lunch, and bought breakfast from the school cafe. No pic though.  French toast sticks, they were yummy, but not exactly what I needed to fuel my sleep-deprived self.  I should have stopped for coffee on the way to school!

I did manage to pack a lunch even though it was a bunch of ‘convenience’ foods.


A Lean Pocket and a Kashi Bar (skipped the apple for some reason).  It was ‘meh’ but energized me enough to get some packing done for a bit.

I did stop to have some cereal as a snack because I needed even more fuel.  (I was cr-cr-crashing!).


I was lucky enough to a ride from my colleague again, man it’s making this whole owning a car look more and more appealing.  I mean I love the freedom of the metro… but getting home at 4:10 over 5:10 is sooooo nice.  Then I did my ‘stay awake’ activities, although they should have been less lounge more clean… and couldn’t think of anything to have for dinner.


I saw these in the freezer and wanted that cream cheese soooo badly, that I grabbed on and popped it in the toaster while I did dishes.  Fab as usual.  Not the world’s healthiest item, but one of the most convenient, delicious foods out there 🙂

I’m still hungry though… but I’m also lazy so I may or may not eat something else before bed.  I’ll update if I do.

Here’s to a good night’s sleep for us all!

Edit: Ooops, I forgot HYC… things are good… Journaled all last week, didn’t eat perfectly but was totally accountable which really a big thing for me since I used to be a ‘sneak-er.’  Other than that still fighting with my scale, but bike rides and runs and all the fun meal ideas in my head are helping!