The last two days have been full of jerks, some bad and some slightly better.

Yesterday was a really rough day.  One of my coworkers was such a jerk to me.  There are only 5.5 school days left so obviously we’re all packing up our classrooms.  Well, all except one person, my colleague who sat on her tail flipping through papers while I took down everything.  It was a frustrating… I really hate it when people forget that I am a person.  It happens all too often at my job.  It’s getting harder and harder… but like Jenna said today “God will not give us more than we can handle.”

It all started off so good too.


Waffle Sandwich with sliced bananas and Dark Chocolate Dreams Peanut Butter. Mmm.  I ate this as I walked through downtown Silver Spring to my bus stop and smiled at the PB&B goodness.

Then my packed lunch was destroyed by someone who felt that it was time to unplug the fridge for the school year.  Um, yeah.

So, I went to lunch with my girl, C, and it was really bad for you food.  I looked up the nutrition facts it had 1460 kcal.  What was it?

Picture 1

Duuuuuude.  Thank goodness I’d only eaten a quarter of it.  So, I ate another quarter for dinner and threw out the rest.  It was good but not that good.  Ok.  Actually, it wasn’t even good either, it was too cheesy.  I would have been much happier with a slice of cheese pizza but she tried to think of the best ‘stressed-out’ food to feed me lol.  Thanks hun!

I broke down last night on the phone with my best friend aka my mom.  But, then I went to bed early and woke up feeling much better and had this.


I figured out that it was those darn waffles that ruined my day, so I made the same breakfast in a wrap.  😉  Still delicious!  Plus, less work! (Pencil and random sheets of paper for quick nutrition math!)

I stopped for coffee on the way to school since I felt a migrain coming on and wanted to halt it in its tracks.


Starbucks was packed so I stopped by 7-eleven and had their basic coffee with sf irish cream syrup and one irish cream flavored creamer. Très yum!

Aaaaaaaand, I put my lunch in one of the neighboring classroom’s fridges, where I knew it would survive.


Leftover shells with spinach. Then my camera died before I could get pictures of my SF jello and 100 kcal cheesecake bar.

One of my colleagues drove me home today, since she was coming up here for an appointment.  It was amazing to get home so early.  Obviously need to rethink my whole “I don’t ever need to drive/have a car in DC/MD” thing.  I shaved off like an hour just in the afternoon.  I’d do at least 30 in the AM.  I need that time!

I met up with said colleague (and her friend who lives in my complex, in my tower, on my floor- small world) for dinner at Negril.


This was all the loot I got for 13 dollars.



I love Jamaican food because it’s spicy and flavorful. Um, this was not. I got jerk chicken (they didn’t have jerk tofu which is far superior) and a vegetable patty and fried plantain (unphotographed) to share.  Ooo and a salad.  I didn’t eat the salad because I tore into the rice and beans first thing (major craving) topped with some sweet platanos and couldn’t tear myself away and then didn’t want any more of anything.  The rice and beans were perfectly cooked and flavored.  Next time, I’ll just get that! I did have bites of the patty.  It was also lacking in flavor.  It made me sad 😦  At least I have tons of leftovers to transform!

Tomorrow, I have work training for Spanish Summer Camp!  WooHoo!  I had to fight, cajole, schmooze, etc. etc. etc. to get this highly sought after position.  My elementary school is the only school in the district with a Spanish Immersion program and it’s in high demand and the summer camp is for entering students so it’s cute little two and three year olds, with the occasional four or five year old thrown in.  They’re cute, they’re excited about school, they’ll listen if you give out enough hugs and smiles and they love love love Srta. Rebeca because she acts like a really funny kid.  Summer should be a soothing balm for my hurting teacher’s heart!

But, training is from 7:45 AM to 5:00 PM.  They usually feed us but I hate to assume.  I think I’ll make a light smoothie for breakfast and then pack some healthy portable snacks in case I need them.  Hopefully, they’re paying us for the day (they usually do) and since it’s a longer than usual day I have a feeling I’ll be treating my parents to lunch next weekend when they come to visit!!!!

Since I have an early wakeup tomorrow as well, I’m off to bed.  No fun Friday night for this one 😦