My mom calls me Susi all the time… which you know makes sense since my name is Rebeca… but I love it!  I’m feeling overly sensitive today though, I’m not sure why, probably just tired from a weird sleep last night.  I mean the sleep was incredible because I did YogaDownload‘s Lunar Flow 20 minute workout before bed.  I just think that my body was in need of a real, deep sleep- not the restless sleep I usually get, so now it’s craving more.  I’ll definitely be repeating the yoga before bed routine.

I still managed to get up early this morning but as usual got caught up in blogs so I ended up with a rushed breakfast


I don’t think there’ll ever be a day that I’m tired of cereal mixes… no matter how simple- like my current fave of Crispix base with a touch of Life Maple and Brown Sugar. Only made better by some Almond Milk.

I also packed my lunch last night… it sure does make life easier.


Leftover chicken, olive oil mayo and lettuce all wrapped up!  Mmm, that chicken was just a little spicy which really just made this wrap!


Along with the wrap, I had celery and an apple.


For dessert I had this chocolate pudding.  Um, it stopped me from eating a cookie so I say success!

I ran a few errands after work instead of coming home to nap like I really really wanted to because I know the nap will throw off my sleep schedule.

I had the dinner I was craving.  (That may be my most overused word… but I really just try to go with what I want in the moment within reason or else I end up eating junk, junk, junk!).


Shells and Alfredo (WF’s 365 brand) with spinach stirred in.  Fabulous, Fast, Figure-friendly and Filling- what every weeknight meal should be! (A dessert plate piled high so it looks like more!).

As predicted, I made some Veggie Girl inspired blondies.  I used applesauce instead of “yogurt” and as a mix in I mixed 1/4 c. of PB&Co. Cinnamon Raisin Swirl PB and Apple Butter.

Here are my Apple Cinnamon-Raisin Blondies.  I tried one two blondies for dessert.  Words. Fail. Me.



Picture 1

The nutrition stats are fabulous too *for 16 servings

Honestly, I had a rough day and visions of diving into a tray of blondies is what really inspired the baking.  Then I read this post and my heart felt so much better (after a tear or two) and I stopped at one., erm two.  I put some in my freezer to be enjoyed soon.  I packaged some up to share with my colleagues and I plan to go to bed content.  I hope you do too!