Wow, I’m exhausted today, the hours of walking and field day stuff already had me tired, then I went on a bike ride (at the gym) for about 45 minutes and did about 18 miles.  Now, my body is just tired.  I couldn’t get myself out of bed this morning.  Thankfully, I had a fast breakfast idea and my lunch was already packed!

I weighed in yesterday and I’m still working my way downward but it’s slow… but that’s all on me because I’ve been really slacking on exercising.  I have all the best intentions, but frankly, that’s not enough.  I need to start putting this stuff into action! As usual, I’m working on it and I can only improve, plus I mean I’ve lost 35 lbs since changing my lifestyle without resorting to disordered habits.  I’m going to work on being proud of that, and reminding myself that as great as this feeling is, reaching my goal will be even better!

Back to the food… I wanted to try to get up earlier and get in a longer yoga session but my body was not happy with the 5:10 alarm, especially since I couldn’t fall asleep till close to 1AM.  So, I reset for an extra hour and then made a grab and go kind of breakfast.


Morningstar veggie sausage patty, wholegrain waffle and banana.  I had the waffle and ‘sausage’ as I walked to the bus stop, and the banana once I got to work.  It was good but I got really thirsty and forgot my water bottle.  The machine was sold out on waters so I settled for this.


OJ is my favorite.  I sipped on it all day and it was such a treat, since I never buy it.

I can’t tell you how close I was to forgetting my lunch at home.  Thankfully, I remembered right as I was walking out the door to grab it.


Deli ham wrap, apple and SF lime jello. Lime jello is my favorite, and while I’m not a huge fan of all the junk in jello I was really craving this for some reason.  I didn’t eat the apple, I’ll eat it for a snack later, maybe.  Instead, I had half a cookie.


I really just can’t get enough of these because the cookie is a bit crunchy but the chocolate chips are always soooooo melty.  Oh well.  I need to just go cold turkey off of them, or start making my own healthier baked good to enjoy… I smell Veggie Girl blondies in the near future!

I made the wrap using a Mission WW Tortilla Plus.  They’re very light, 110 kcal, have lots of vitamins (and too many ingredients) but they’re tasty, pliable and passable nutritionally.  They’re also a really good deal and my local store doesn’t carry healthier things like Flat Outs or Ezekiel Wraps, so they’re a great option for those on a budget or without ‘healthy’ supermarkets nearby.

My lead teacher and I always walk to the bus stop together in the afternoons and she was picking up dinner today and had a coupon so I grabbed some dinner too.


Um, there was a lot more food but I pared it down… It was so tasty since the chicken had a little spicy kick to it, and I’ve been wanting coleslaw for awhile.  I did go back for some more coleslaw after this.  Then I spilled diet coke all over my white carpet.  Thankfully, I was able to mop it up right away and got it before it stained but I was still upset.

I really enjoyed my bike ride last night so I’m considering another one, but I may just pop in some DVD and go with that, although biking means I can read chapters, so who really knows.

Oh and I forgot my cell at school 😦  I feel like my left arm (okay, my right) is missing.  At least it’ll force me to go to bed early and not talk/text until much too late.

Edit: Krista’s Kravings (erm Krista herself) is holding a Full Bar giveway.  Go for it!