Today was my school’s Fun Fair/Field Day. Apparently, it was a bit lackluster but it’s my first year and my preK-ers first as well, so we loved it.  They had a blast complete with relay races, firetrucks, sno cones and BBQ.  They loved it.  Their teacher even had to step in for one of the students didn’t want to partcipate.  So, the classes and the principal were chanting Rebeca! Rebeca! It was so cute (even though I’m not sure why they were all calling me by my first name lol!)


I started my morning with something that I thought would keep me full most of the day.

Tina’s Sweet Potato Pie Smoothie. It was soooo delicious, but I made way too many adjustments: no soymilk, yogurt, banna or protein and added oatmeal and homemade applesauce.  It failed me and there were too many calories in it for that 😦  I was ravenous by 10:30.  Not Good! I will definitely try it again and follow directions!


Then my day started to just get a little (a lot) out of control.  I did have an inkling this would happen.  I have a food/exercise journal and in it there’s a part that says “possible diet-busting occasions this week” and I wrote in huge letters, Fun Fair/Field Day!!!  Maybe, I gave myself the out.

First, I had this deliciousness:


A perfectly grilled hot dog.  I love hot dogs more than one should, and I eat them so rarely (two or three times a year) that I want the real thing when I do.  It was totally worth it!

Then I had many, many, many, many unpictured bites of chips- Doritos here, Fritos there, Cheetos on the right and Sour Cream and Onion on the left.  Um, I’m not sure how many calories I threw away there but I should have just gotten a bag of air popped popcorn but I really wanted cotton candy and had been looking forward to it for weeks.  So, that left me feeling empty and the chips were filling the void.  Well, they were trying and failing.

Weirdly (?) I was still hungry so I had a simple sub for din (the first bite was taken at school and finished later).


Turkey, Lettuce, Tomato and Light Mayo.  Um, for some reason this has been on my craving radar lately.  I really want one (or four) every day.  Why?  Who knows.

Oh, and I had cookies today too.  Blech.

I did walk for hours and hours today.  Not to mention my fabulous relay skills.  I plan to grab a textbook (yes classes started today *sigh*) and go to the gym and ride the bike because I need the calorie burn!  Plus I need a little yoga in my life.

I figured out that if I just keep my calories around 1550 or so for the rest of the week, I’ll still meet my weekly average goal.  It’ll be okay!