(I do have pictures but I’m not feeling camera cords and there are more important things in life sometimes.)

I had an old blog where every Thursday I talked about the thing I was most thankful for, and I think it’s such an important part of life.

Being thankful is one of the core concepts my parents tried to instill in me (and my brother).

I think this was our first family photo1

I think this was our first family photo!

They are what I’m most thankful for today.

Along with some great values- like loving everyone,  faith and integrity, they also taught me really healthy habits as well.  Though I often fall short, my parents still insprie me with their active lifestyles. Walks with friends, instead of dinners out. A huge vegetable garden they tend to together in the summers.  Jobs that keep then going all day. And they’re kind of old not 20-something!

Check out the hair... and the outfits!

Check out the hair... and the outfits!

I learned to love my veggies, that fruit counted as dessert, and that playing catch and long walks were part of life.  My dad even got roller blades just so we could go to the park as a family and he could keep up with my brother as my mom and I walked in the evenings.  They even bought me a really expenseive treadmill thatI didn’t use nearly enough when I decided that I “needed” it.  They were always supportive!

We really love eachother and through some akward teenage years full of strained relationships we’ve managed to come out of it much closer.  My parents are among my best friends. I know not many people can say that.



My dear dad took me out to make snow forts, to museums on school holidays and went on as many field trips as he could.  Today we don’t talk nearly enough, but that’s only because once we start talking we end up realizing it’s been four hours and we both have to get up early the next day.  It’s so nice to be able to talk to you dad about your problems and struggles without judgement.

Biker Babes

Biker Babes

I talk to my mami most every day.  Sometimes for hours, other times for mere seconds.  I don’t feel like I’m ready to face my day without a Good Morning and I Love You from her!  She supports me in everything and is my number one sounding board.

I have the best parents.  Even though we live far apart (they should move, no?) I feel like we’re closer than ever and every day I thank God for them.

Plus, how many parents will drive anywhere, deposit anything or drop everything for their (much too often bratty) children?!?!?  From what I hear, not many!

Thanks DD + Mami

(P.S. My right ‘shift’ key is broken, who knew you used it so much in typing? Time to call a Mac Genius!)