I’m in love with my new camera… it’s a Canon Digital Elph.  I adore you little camera. I want to have your children.  😳  I got it through Canon’s loyalty program so if you have a broken Canon (like my old one had a cracked lens cover) you can get a great deal!

I’m so glad to have a camera that does something other than auto (which my old one was apt to do) and was so excited to play with it (and food) today 😀


Perfectly ripe fruit- strawberries and banana, and some homemade granola… I should have added a little almond milk to the granola but I was rushed and ended up eating it and the banana on the run.  I was playing with the color settings which is why it looks like the placemat is two colors… it’s actually not purple or that particular shade of green!

I had a meeting today so I packed a light, portable lunch since I knew I’d have a rushed lunch (so I could leave work early) and I already had a nervous stomach.


More placemat color games along with watermelon, pineapple, and some blackberries (they’re shy and hiding) along with cocoa roasted almonds and a Honey Maid Delight Cheesecake bar.

The lovely and inspriring (really look at her pictures) Kelly over at Happy Texans sent me a (huge) box of sweet treats.  I’ve been in heaven.  Both the bar and almonds were gifts from her.


I always think that I don’t like almonds for some reason but I really love them.  They’re just in that weird category of foods I think I don’t care for, but after taking one bite remember that I love them.  Almonds + dark chocolate is hard to mess up.


This 100 calorie pack had 13 almonds in it.  That’s a pretty good serving, I htink.  Plus the best part is when you get to eat the bits of cocoa powder at the bottom of the bag :mrgreen:

I lusted after the bar for weeks after seeing it on Kelly’s blog.


I mean, it’s not cheesecake, and the ingredient list is out of control… but it’s really yummy.  I would crumble it into some yogurt for a topping and be perfectly content.

After this lunch I went to my meeting, which went exceptionaly well (I think).  I’m excited for the possibilities.  Then I came home and crashed.  I haven’t been sleeping well lately.  So, I slept for a few hours until the buzzing alerts on my cell woke me 😐 Oh well.

I was awake and hungry and in the mood for breakfast!  So I had just that!


A wholegrain waffle, Morningstar veggie sausage patty, and a sliced banana.  I realized after this that I hadn’t had one vegetable today.  Oops!  I’ll have to make tomorrow veggie centered but sometimes you just have to follow your stomach and today fruit and carbs won.


I’m adoring the way colors are captured by my camera and adoring this bag that just screams summer to me!  Night y’all.