I lost about 1.4 lbs!!!  I say about because I can’t remember my exact weight from last week because I never recorded it so that’s for 2 weeks.

Last week was up and down.  I had some great moments like my Pentagon tour and a really fabulous workout on Sunday night.  I also had some not so great moments like a day in the hospital and being swamped with school work.  I definitely let those things deter me from working out but I wasn’t nearly as energetic and I was loving all the changes I was seeing daily in my body the weeks before… so I made a 10 week training schedule.  It’s very exciting and includes 5k training (I’m running one for the Firefighters and Police Officers of 9/11 in Arlington, VA later this summer with both my parents… our first 5k and our first major fitness adventure together… too bad my brother won’t join us 😦 ).  I also meal planned for the week but then decided to start it today instead of Sunday or Monday.  I’m just rebellious like that.  I am pretty excited about my meals and I’ve even planned breakfasts and lunches so they can be prepped and/or prepared in advance so I can sleep a few extra minutes in the morning.

I really want to get up in the morning and do 20-25 minutes of yoga, but I have a really hard time getting up because I have an even harder time falling asleep.  I’m not sure why that is, but it could just be that my body is so used to my late nights that anytime before 12:30/1:00 am it won’t let me sleep.  So, I’m slowly trying to get myself into “sleep” mode early so my body can adjust.

Warning: My camera died so there are no pics today 😦 (now, stop crying… it’ll be alright the batteries are charging for tomorrow :mrgreen:)

I had a repeat breakfast today… I really want to get into oats made with water but I miss the creamyness of my oats made with milk (nondairy) but today I added a little more sweetner (honey because I could throw the container in my bag for my on the go breakfast) so my Maple Nut Oats were much better than yesterday’s batch.  Still, it’s amazing what a difference a little milk (any variety) makes.  I guess I’ll just have to add a splash or two in there to save calories but retain flavor.

Lunch was pretty simple, and I thought I would be hungry a few hours later… but my yogurt and granola with an apple cinnamon muffin (from the school cafe.) were outstanding.  Well, the muffin was just good.  I’m not sure why those muffins always tempt me, but for some reason they’re just the perfect density- some muffins are so heavy and others are too cake like, these are just right (hello Goldilocks!).

I went to Target after school and got some (on sale) Morningstar and Lean Pockets (I love them too much).  Then I promptly fell asleep from 5:30 to 10:30p.  Oops! When I woke up I considered making my planned dinner but it’s much to hot for all of that (80something + running on reserve Montgomery County water due to a break in the system mean no AC for the building today… oh well).  Instead I heated up some Morningstar Buffalo Wings which were so spicy and delicious.  The texture is not like chicken but it’s not unpleasant and I love how they have all the spicy flavor of Buffalo wings without all the mess.  Yum!  I was still hungry afterward so I had a LC Spinach Artichoke Chicken.  It was way too good but now I’m full.

Since I slept away my afternoon, this is another day off of exercise, which is fine because I’ll just make up for it Friday and Saturday where I don’t have much planned.

Now, I’m off to start a paper (only two more papers, two exams, and a short test, and one assignment away from the end of the semester!) and then I’m off to bed!