My camera hates me… she won’t do anything but “auto” mode which equals horrible pictures since she is obsessed with the flash and won’t turn it off. Bad camera. We’re about to break up if she don’t shape up (time to start shopping!!!).

I’ve had a bad migraine for the last two days… blech… and it seems like when I have a migraine that I need to eat constantly in order not to feel nauseous… thankfully, I’ve turned that constant need to baby carrots, tomato slices (yum) and such healthy things. But since it hurts to lift my head and I’m still working (like a good little serf) exercise has not happened.

Oh well. C’est la vie, non? It’s not going to cancel out all the hard work so far and I’ll get back where I need to be when the migraine leaves me alone. I have to keep telling myself that because it’s so hard to believe but it’s true. I just can’t give up now!!!!