I’ve had a great two days 🙂

I pulled another ‘shut off my alarm in my sleep’ move and woke up at 6:48. My usual bus leaves at 6:52 and it’s a half mile walk away. The latest I can leave to catch a train instead is 7:03. I managed to get out of my building at 7:04 which was quite a miracle.

I was saved by this:
Another piña smoothie that I made on Tuesday night. I thought to myself that night that I should just make a big batch for breakfast the next day. It worked out perfectly since I was late.

Both the late night snack and the morning on the go meal were topped with homemade Maple Coconut Granola (yum).

I had a huge salad for lunch, topped with grilled chicken, tomato and red onion. Oh and some grated cheddar. Again, unless I have a chance to snap a pic in the AM I really can’t deal with my teacher’s lounge accommodations. Honestly, with our parents I wouldn’t even take my camera in there. Sad, yes. True, yes.

Anyway, I ran around town with my girl C and got to hang out with the M&Ms (her sons). We had fun and got a lot of errands done that we both needed to get done. We make a good team because while she ran into the DMV I entertained the boys in the car, and she drove me to a few spots that while Metro accessible it would take forever to get through everything that way. Nice to have such a good friend in DC (finally!). Too bad she isn’t going to be working at my school with me for awhile.

Then I came home, and got down with my paper, taking a few breaks along the way…



I had to talk to my mami for a little bit and we both got our complaints in for the day 😀 It’s nice to have someone to just vent with, and considering how lackluster our so-called ‘best friends’ have been in that department lately, I’m glad we’re turning to each other. (I wonder if she’ll be mad at me for posting that, hmmm, hope not).



Dinner! A cup of broccoli & cheddar soup (with carrots). Supposedly it’s 140 kcal, but I’m skeptical because it’s really creamy but apparently it’s broth based or something. It was yummy though! Along side I had an open faced honey roasted turkey sandwich on an engligh muffin with spring mix greens and bit olive oil mayo. It was light enough not to make my already tired self, sleepy (sleepier?) but hearty enough to fuel my paper-writing brain!



Was to have this deliciousness. I’ve had Fage, Chobani and TJs Greek, but this was amazing. While I love all those brands for different reasons (Fage- creaminess, Chobani- peach, TJs Greek- so tart. None compare to the sweet perfect that was this flavor. At two dollars a container, they can’t be part of my daily eats (I need a raise!) but whenever I run across a coupon I’ll be there! I realize that I could easily put honey any Greek yogurt, but Oikos really hit a perfect balance.  Maybe I’ll get lucky and win the Fitnessista’s giveaway!

My paper was done by 10:30 or so (which is impressive considering it was started at 6:30… and I’m not a slacker student just one who has three other classes with various papers and projects constantly!). So, after a little blogstalking I decided to go to bed, but I just lay there regretting not exercising. So I popped back up and did a quick 35 minute workout. I kind of phoned it in but at least I did it, right?

Oh, and both Tuesday and Wednesday night I had one of these:

img_0474A Milk Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookie.  The chocolate chips get so melty in my mouth.  Yummy!

I (sadly) coudn’t go to sleep till 3ish but since I didn’t work today it worked out okay.  I woke up at 8:30 though.  Why oh why can’t I sleep past 9 anymore.  Adulthood stinks!

I had a big bowl of cereal before I headed out to Chinatown.


Dunno why the pic is rotated? I had “Life” cereal for the first time, the maple & brown sugar variety.  Yummo.  With TJs High Fiber Worms as a base and soymilk.

Then I spent my day walking around Chinatown and watching Monsters v. Aliens (in 3D).  Honestly, it was a little boring.  Maybe I’m just out of my ‘kid movie’ practice.  We had snacks along the way but I couldn’t take pics of them (like in the movies)… but it was a wonderful day that I got to spend with my fave DC residents C and the M&Ms!