The snack attack monster came out to play last night because I made the mistake of answering my phone instead of just going to sleep.  Oh well.  I had a pack of peanuts and something else that I can’t really remember anymore.  Oops.

No late night chats for me tonight!

Anyway, this morning I wasn’t very hungry so I had something light:


A piña colada smoothie.  Yummm nothing like a little rum soy milk to start your day off right 😉 It was just half a cup of plain yogurt, a quarter of a cup of plain soymilk and a cup of ripe pineapple chunks.  Simply delicious.  Suprisingly, I wasn’t hungry for the fig bar I packed to have during my commute, but my stomach was growling when my kids had lunch at 11, but since my lunch was at noon I just waited.

I ended up having some b-fast foods that were around (eggs, a biscuit, hashbrowns)… b-fast is my fave so it was hard to resist and wasn’t too bad considering the light breakfast and my small-ish portions- balance and all that, right?  No pics because it was the wrong crowd in the teacher’s lounge (i.e. parents, blech… if you have children never go into their schools’ teacher’s lounge… it’s just wrong!!!).

I had a few annoying phone calls with my boss at the school where I teach Spanish re: no paycheck!  Um, and now I’m not a Spanish teacher anymore which is fine with me because while that extra saving money is nice the nine unpaid (well apparently now it’s 12) hours a week out of my life were too much.  Now I’ll get home around 5 every afternoon which leaves perfect amounts of time for school work, exercise, cooking healthy meals and fun (gotta have a little fun in the middle of the week or I’m going to run out of fuel).

I got home and fell fast a sleep… it was strange and apparently I pulled my all too common move of resetting my alarm in my sleep (I do weird ‘in my sleep’ things like picking up the phone and having revealing conversations with people, unfolding laundry in my drawers, etc.- but only when I’m not getting enough sleep in general).  When I finally woke up it was 8 and I knew I had to run to the grocery store for a few essentials (sandwich and salad fixins’) and then get to my workout for the day because I refuse to miss the all important Day 3 of my new training schedule (the day I usually fall off- I mean look at my OSG BBBC stats over there).  When I was a nanny I went to the gym 5-6 days a week because I had a gym partner to go with for constant motivation… I should find someone in my building who’ll do that with me…

Anyway, I did a nice long, sweaty workout which left me with that “I’m not hungry” feeling but I did feel a little empty so after some in shower brainstorming I came up with something fast, and simple:


Half a honey roasted turkey sandwich on Whole Foods ww bread and a simple herb salad with Annie’s papaya poppyseed dressing. (That’s a salad plate btw).

Now I’m off to take a quick quiz, maybe start a paper  and (try to) go sleep.