Pink sang that song and pink was the theme of my day!


Yeah, Beck was a little sick yesterday. My stomach just felt like it was going through the ringer. I think it may have started with a crazy morning:

  • Left apartment
  • remembered I needed my Metro card
  • went back
  • ran out of the building
  • lost my keys somewhere!!
  • forget to take my breakfast with me to the caf to eat with my kids

Then I had a bit of a crazy day with the kids:

  • went to the nurse because someone had milk spilled on them (by me!!) and needed a change of clothes
  • went to the school psychologist with someone because they had a mini meltdown
  • went back to the school psychologist because a little one showed up in her dad’s (profane) sweatshirt and no coat- weird
  • went back to the nurse because someone hurt their eye
  • got punched by a little four year old who then threw himself on the floor and cried and wouldn’t move
  • went to the principal’s office since I needed his help with that one
  • went back to the principal’s office to discuss what was going on with that child
  • waited for a half hour after school for someone else’s mom to pick her up because she forgot her child
  • found out that I’ll be alone with the kids next week

Um, and it was a half day as it between 8 and 12 that all happened.  The joy!

But I went home, took a nap and called “do over” on the day and though the rest of it wasn’t perfect it was a much better than the first half!