Today was my performance evaluation at work, and it went really well! We talked about my future for next year, and he was really excited to hire me as a lead teacher in two years. I love this newfound sense of security. I actually thought my principal was on the fence about me, but apparently he’s part of the fan club… but who can blame him right 😀

It got me thinking though. How would I evaluate myself. One of the major components of my evaluation is my care of the children. Well, how well do I take care of myself. My work evaluation was “excellent”, my personal one would barely make it to a satisfactory level. It kind of dampened the excitedness (yes a real word).

So, what should a girl do? Well, she should make some major changes right? Today, I picked sleep over sitting on the phone for hours with a friend who just wanted to complain. Now, I’m not saying that I need to stop being a supportive friend, but I didn’t sleep well last night and needed the nap to avoid a headache. Does that make me a bad friend? No. Just because I pick myself once in awhile doesn’t mean I’m selfish. I have a hard time believing that, but it’s true.

Sometimes I need “me time”. I need to take 10 minutes and paint my toes (erm are you supposed to say toenails?) even if I’m just going to stuff them into those conservative flats (ugh… where did the stilleto days go) and chase after a room full of four year olds. I need to sit down with a cup of tea and no computer, no magazine, no book, no phone, just me.

It’s so easy for me to get overwhelmed by work, and school, and friends, and planning my future and saving the world and figuring out how to make a class full of students all behave at the same moment (okay I should probably give up on that one, it’s apparently impossible)… and forget to just take time to be.

So I’m going to take some time everyday to just be even if that means taking three minutes a day to step away from the books, the kids, the computer and do something that makes me purely, blissfully happy- like closing my eyes, blasting my favorite song and dancing around my apartment. Then make it a habit. Even if I only have time for one song.

Is that going to balance my checkbook? No. Is that going to complete the essays I have due? No. Is it going to plan healthy, easy meals for my hectic week? No. Is it going to help me find time to fit in a workout? No. Is it going to help me have the energy and peace of mind to be able to face those challenges? Yes, Sí, Oui, Duh!