Wow, it’s been a really long time, unintentionally though.  Most every night I went to bed saying “tomorrow I’ll start blogging” but once out of the habit it’s so easy to forget about pictures till you’re almost done eating.  I will say that I’ve had some ‘good eats’ lately because my aunt is a really excellent cook.  Fun Stuff.

Of course, I forgot one of my meals today though 😦

I didn’t eat breakfast, I know it’s bad but I’ve been getting up late which is nice. So, lunches and dinners have been bigger, also nice.

Spicy veggie pizza and a salad.  Yum, the pizza has loads of veggies and instead of red sauce there’s pesto!  There was lots (and lots) of cayenne pepper sprinkled on top and my mouth was burning but it was also really flavorful and delicious!

Dinner was coleslaw and half of a large twice baked potato.  Good stuff.

Now what’s going on in the world of All Vegged Out?