NOTE: Sketchy/No Internet during a wind storm/flooding “episode” in Buffalo leaves me behind on posting but I’m *trying* to catch up!  I’ll get there!


Man my journey thru the tea cupboard left me with a few more to try. I figure 15 more cups which is a lot for three days! But I think I’m up to the challenge lol.

This morning I tried something new, something I should have been doing for months!!!

I made my old fashioned oats in the microwave. I know, I’m really pushing he envelope right 😛 In all seriousness though, I make a lot of excuses as to why I can’t eat breakfast every morning and this crushed that. I just used water, 1% and cinnamon then added some flax, stewed apples and apple butter and had a delicious bowl of tea.

I also had a cup of chandelier tea to go with it 🙂

A bit later I found this, and after texting my brother at work, he said i could have this yummy piece of fudge. Thanks J!

Lunch/dinner was a yummy quesadilla with a mix my mom made.

It’s just spinach and ricotta with a few red pepper slices thrown in.

When grilled up in my brother’s sandwich maker and not only was it perfectly warm and crisp but it was also perfectly sliced. Hotness.

With lunch I had another beverage be a sugar cookie


My mom made pina coladas in the evening so i had a “shot” (and a half).

Later, I had random turkey slices out of the fridge and some unphotographed cookies.

Then this was my “real” dinner:

It’s my family’s secret guacamole recipe. Even though it’s top secret i can tell you that itinvolves getting in the car, driving to BJs, picking up their package of organic guacamole, then opening it and eating till it’s mysteriously gone 😛