Those T.E.S. kids have been killing. That Santa Claus makes kids crazy, especially at school. The most well behaved children get wild, and the not so well behaved ones never cease to amaze me with the craziness they come up with.

That leaves me one tired lady… I’m still waiting for that phone call too, I wish I didn’t know that it was supposed to come soon because now I can’t stop thinking about it!

In food news, the PTA gave us breakfast this AM and I had lunch with my kids at our party and since I was ran (well not really) to the conference room for breakfast and everyone and their mother was up there I did not whip out a camera and I’m scared of my kids + camera 😀


Next week I only work Monday, soooooo things can be more scheduled and all that.

Despite my preoccupation, I’m still pretty happy… good stuff. Night